Mercedes is preparing to close a very positive 2022 in Italy

Mercedes-Benz Italy directs the helm towards a new era that redefines positioning, products and distribution model. Despite a geopolitical context marked by several critical elements, the Italian headquarters of the Stuttgart Star aims to close 2022 with a total of about 44,000 cars soldto which they add up 4800 electric models of Smart – on … Read more

Spain is already preparing the matches against Italy and the Netherlands in Bologna

The Men’s National Team has completed its first training session of the November Window. Under the orders of the National Team Manager, Sergio Scariolo, the 16 summoned players have trained at the Palestra Porelli. COMMUNICATION AREA FEB The Men’s National Team has completed its first training session of the November Window. Under the orders of … Read more

Italy: after her success in the legislative elections, Giorgia Meloni is preparing to become president of the council

Giorgia Meloni (Fratelli d’Italia) speaks to the press at the Quirinal Palace after an interview with Italian President Sergio Mattarella as part of the consultations preceding the appointment of a government, Friday October 21, 2022. GREGORIO BORGIA / AP After the historic victory of his party in the legislative elections in September, Giorgia Meloni should … Read more

The economic crisis in Italy worsens and the right is already preparing for an electoral victory


“We are about to enter a terrible autumn and we need to govern with the best people among whom they share the project of true renewal of Italy.” The economic and social crisis Guido Crosetto, one of the founders of the right-wing Brothers of Italy party, triumphant in all odds with Giorgia Meloni, a firm … Read more

Indefinite stop to Russian gas in Europe (and Italy is preparing to ration energy consumption)


A new fault that Gazprom would not have been able to repair within the set time frame and the indefinite stop of Russian gas in Europe arrives. Italy “responds” by preparing a consumption rationing decree that will require you to switch off 1 hour earlier and lower the temperatures of private and public radiators by … Read more

The gas plan appears: this is how Italy is preparing for the cold


L’Italy has, with alternative supplies and an advance game, so far avoided having to prepare draconian plans on cutting gas consumption in the face of the possibility that in the coming weeks Russia stop supplies to Europe in the coming weeks. The scenario, to be included in the framework of the energy and psychological warfare … Read more

Hybrid war: Italy is preparing for the cyber counter

Since the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, the scenario of cyber threats, already aggravated by the pandemic period, has further worsened. Both Russia and Ukraine have conducted operations in the digital field by carrying out attacks aimed at neutralizing official websites or for the collection of valuable information and propaganda. But the conflict between the … Read more