Italy: first assessment for Giorgia Meloni after 100 days in power

PAs a question for Giorgia Meloni to leave in the hands of journalists alone the exercise of the “assessment” of her first 100 days in office. It is therefore in front of a duo of Italian and European banners that the Prime Minister, solemn, appeared yesterday on video on social networks, for 7 minutes of … Read more

Italy, the country where the extreme right is not so extreme with Giorgia Meloni in power


Whatever the Italian government – political instability is always the order of the day on the peninsula – there are two problems that it must face today and that internal borders are not resolved. First, immigration. Second: energy. Italy, along with Spain and Greece, is the gateway for all those fleeing misery in their countries … Read more

Vestas wins an order for 84 MW of wind power in Italy


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Can nuclear power really be a “hope” for the environment? What to know and where is Italy


Nuclear energy may be the best hope for humanity and the environment, headlined Bloomberg in an editorial published in recent days. Progress in the field of new technologies is evident, says the international news agency. Renewables are becoming more affordable and accessible, but tend to be intermittent. And accumulation systems are not enough. The gap … Read more

Giorgia Meloni is optimistic about the permanence of her coalition in power: “A horizon of five years”

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni highlighted today the “totally positive climate” within the right-wing coalition that supports it and that it remains united with “a horizon of five years” in power. He also assured that the birth rate It is “an absolute priority” of his governmentwhich has allocated 1,500 million euros in its Budgets. In … Read more

After a month in power, Giorgia Meloni surprises and becomes more popular in Italy: why she seduces even those who did not vote for her


Giorgia Meloni, during a press conference last week – Credits: @Roberto Monaldo ROME.- “I did not vote for her, but, let’s see, let her govern.” Marco is 55 years old and owns a hairdresser in the center of Rome. He is not interested in politics, but he is part of that great majority of Italians … Read more

Forza Italia, tensions and power: the suspicion of a “Roman road”


Miccichè’s moves on the Sicilian chessboard. His note: “I’m oblivious.” 4′ OF READING PALERMO – The suspicion, whispered by insiders close to Gianfranco Miccichè, is that there is a Roman way of the Sicilian crisis, which can consolidate a not too condescending orientation towards the Brothers of Italy in Palermo, as in determining the future … Read more

Cielo: “Italy is a world power with Ceccon, Miressi and Martinenghi”


The world record holder will conclude his Clinics in Grosseto on Tuesday. “I teach Italians to go faster. Popivici? He will reign for a long time … but we were more romantic “ Stefano Arcobelli & commat; sarcobelli November 13 – Milan What is the fastest man in the world doing in Italy? The Brazilian … Read more

Brothers of Italy takes up space: delegation to Minister Urso. Allies and industry were against: too much power to a single party

There is a appointment governmental which, even before being officially awarded, created a series of clutches within the center-right majority. This is the delegation for the policies space And aerospacewhich except for twists and turns will end up in the hands of the Minister of Enterprises and Made in Italy (formerly Mise) Adolfo Urso. The … Read more