Italy fourth in the EU for deaths from smog, “zero pollution” goal by 2050: the report

The European Commission has presented the “Zero Pollution” report with data on pollution in EU countries. There is still much to be done to reduce deaths and damage to ecosystems. The main objective of the European Green Deal is the achievement of climate neutrality by 2050, a virtuous goal that is based on various political … Read more

70 thousand people lost their lives in 2020 in Italy due to pollution

Almost 70 thousand people in our country I am died prematurely in 2020 because ofpollution. This is more than a quarter of the 311,000 who lost their lives in theEuropean Union for air contaminated beyond the levels established by the World Health Organisation (who). We are on the podium for deaths – in absolute numbers … Read more

State action at sea: France, Italy and Monaco collaborate in the fight against marine pollution


Oct 9, 2022 For two days, the maritime prefecture of the Mediterranean collaborated, together with the Monegasque authorities and services, in the “RAMOGEPOL U Portu 2022” organized by the Italian Ministry for Ecological Transition off the coast of Imperia. This exercise, which took place from October 4 to 6 in Italian territorial waters, is part … Read more

Cancer deaths in Italy: environmental pollution plays a significant role


Cancers are now the second leading cause of death in the world after cardiovascular disease. In the past decades of cancer research, lifestyle (in particular habits such as obesity, sedentary lifestyle, improper diet, alcoholism and smoking) e random or genetic factors have been indicated as the main causes in the development of tumors. However, there … Read more

Italy’s long road towards reducing air pollution by 2030


Enea: respecting the European targets we would save 33 billion euros and above all half of the deaths, compared to 2010 [12 Settembre 2022] In the briefing Health impacts of air pollution in Europethe European Environment Agency (Eea) outlines an Italy that still suffocates in atmospheric pollution, despite the progress achieved over the years. In … Read more