Marcello Dell’Utri, Berlusconi and Forza Italia: the Italian braid, football, mafia and politics

Marcello Dell’Utri At the beginning of the summer of 1993, already extinguished the embers of the 1990 World Cupfrom that summer chasing goals, and still in an Italy outraged and fed up with corruption, seven men, Marcello Dell’Utri, Anthony Martino, Gianfranco Ciaurro, Mario Valducci, Antonio Tajani, Cesare Previti Y Giuliano Urbanithey decide to found «Force … Read more

What is transformism and why dominates Italian politics?

The tendency to change parties during the same legislature as a political strategy has been going on for decades It creates, on many occasions, unexpected political coalitions and the feeling that “everything is possible” The recent meeting between Carlo Calenda, from the opposition, and Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni raises suspicions about a new episode Italian … Read more

Little politics, a lot of trade. Chinese communication changes in Italy


The Draghi government and Meloni’s premises have caused a change in communication. Zheng Xuan, Beijing’s head of mission in Rome, talks a lot about exchanges. The Belt and Road is limited to green and digital. Here because Five times the economic “opening”. Zero references to Ukraine and Russia, issues on which not even a question … Read more

The elections in Italy, a mirror of French politics


The French extreme right sees in Giorgia Meloni’s victory reasons for hope; the left an alarm signal. POLITICS – It was expected: the right-wing and far-right coalition led by Giorgia Meloniof the post-fascist party Fratelli d’Italia, came out on top this Sunday, September 25, during the Italian legislative electionsaccording to the first polls released. An … Read more

Italy’s past and future: the focus ▷ Meluzzi: “Front dissent? Politics also needs time”


The loss of power of the nation states, especially with regard to the world processes of globalizationand the inability to correct the side effects of the global economy, accentuated by the digital revolution, led to the emergence of the concept of “sovereignty“. With Sovereign state we mean the state which has full authority, which is … Read more

Discouragement and distrust in politics in the vote for post


Mirafiori, Torino, headquarters of the emblematic Fiat Stellantis. “Who will you vote for next September 25?” asks an Italian television journalist. “By myself,” replies a worker in his sixties as he walks through the factory gates without looking at the reporter. “I don’t even know if I’m going to vote,” adds another worker, in his … Read more

Women, politics and culture: Italy and Iran | Free lyrics


This article is part of the series Phantasmagorias of the past: humanism. Two recent phenomena led by women show the tension between a globalized world that demands global responses and resistance to the very possibility of such responses. The victory of the Brothers of Italy, led by Giorgia Meloni, and the protests in Iran over … Read more

‘Sumar’, Spain, Italy… An approach to politics


“Citizens know that politics is the only tool… to transform reality,” affirms the manifest of “SUMAR”, an affirmation that was expected after some approaches formulated from this space or project and that seemed to place it outside the scope of “politics”, of organized politics, the only one that I understand deserves this denomination. In any … Read more

Politics in Italy: the final sprint, on TV, network and public squares


The very central Piazza del Popolo in Rome will be the physical place of the final duel, albeit at a distance, between Enrico Letta’s Democratic Party and the leaders of the center-rightin these last hours of the election campaign. Matteo Salvini also focuses on the network: the League is working on an online initiative involving … Read more

Politics, Ronzulli: “In Calabria I expect a sensational result from Forza Italia”

LAMEZIA TERME «The good government of President Occhiuto will give us an extraordinary driving force. We would have a sensational result ». Licia Ronzulli, outgoing Italian senator but above all Berlusconi’s delegate for relations with allies, is optimistic about the outcome of Forza Italia in the political elections of 25 September. Deployed in various Italian … Read more