Axis forces, Germany, Italy, Japan: episode 2/4 of the Winter 43 podcast, victory changes sides

In Munich, in the capital of Nazism, in Italy, in Japan or in the satellite countries, the defeats of winter 43 involve heavy changes in the behavior of the countries of the Axis. Men are dying at the front, shortages are increasing and the bombings are terrorizing the populations. Historian Marie-Anne Matard Bonucci explains how … Read more

Italy: a trembling economy: episode 1/3 of the podcast Europe: winter is coming

Since the beginning of September, the price of a liter of Italian milk has been as expensive as a liter of gasoline. A figure that reflects the critical economic situation of the peninsula, which has worsened since the start of the war in Ukraine. Affected like its European neighbors by galloping inflation (which should reach … Read more

Elecciones del 25 de septiembre en Italia, artículos y podcast para saber más

La prensa española se ha mostrado muy atenta a lo que ocurre en Italia en víspera de las elecciones del 25 de septiembre de 2022, con varios artículos y reflexiones. El número de artículos y reportajes creció a partir de julio tras la caída del Gobierno de Draghi y la convocatoria de elecciones anticipadas. En … Read more