In Italy petrol should cost less than in the rest of Europe

The price of gas in Italy without excise it is among the lowest in Europe. After weeks of fuel price controversy, the data is once again belying the narratives. The Meloni government had feared hypotheses of speculation on prices to distributors, introducing new features in the transparency decree. The petrol stations trade associations responded with … Read more

Italy’s sad record: petrol is the most expensive in Europe. And the Antitrust asks the Finance for the documents

MILAN. The price increases at the petrol station do not stop and Italy is now the country in the euro area where it costs the most to make petrol and diesel. This is what emerges from the European Commission’s surveys which are published every Thursday. The latest analysis, dated 2 January, shows that the price … Read more

Petrol, from Slovenia to San Marino, the countries close to Italy where it costs less. Prices

The the cost of petrol in Italy has shot up again. If you choose the served mode you can already go over 2 euros per litre. In Italy based on data from the specialized site il The price of petrol on 2 January 2023 per liter is 1,802 euros. Who lives near some state … Read more

Countries bordering Italy where petrol and diesel are cheaper


THE petrol and diesel prices they have remained high in Italy and, with the Russian-Ukrainian conflict which does not seem destined to end and the geopolitical tensions which have not been resolved, the situation could remain so for much longer: but how is the situation abroad? How much is the cost of fuel in the … Read more

Italian car market, electric down in September, up for petrol and diesel. Non


MILAN – In September, registrations of diesel and petrol cars grow and, even if alternative fuel cars maintain the majority of the market, sales of electric cars decline. This is what the Anfia notes. Analyzing in detail the registrations by fuel, petrol cars see the September market increase by 15.2%, with a market share of … Read more