Italy’s financial credibility is at stake on the NRP. Speak Moschella (Chatam House)

Manuela Moschella, Professor of International Economic Policy at the Scuola Normale Superiore, Associate Fellow for Chatham house, talks to about how the Meloni government is seen abroad. “She confirmed her firm Atlanticist posture. Doubts on the part of the EU? Italy is an accomplished democracy, we are not an ‘internationally supervised’, it is up … Read more

Italy is spending less funds than expected by the NRP: between delays and price increases, what is happening

In 2022, the spending of funds from the NRP will be half of what was expected. It is the signal that delays are accumulating, both for bureaucratic issues and for the increase in costs. It will take an effort to reach the objectives and get the rest of the funds, but monitoring the progress of … Read more

Philips healthcare 4.0: “Exploiting the 20 billion of the NRP and building a public


The PNRR as a lever for the technological modernization of machinery and hospitals, with the aim of creating safe and efficient interconnected hubs, where predictive medicine assumes an increasingly central role, together with data. From the point of view of one of the largest global manufacturers of healthcare technology – from CT scans to fans, … Read more

Brussels promotes Italy on the NRP. But Spain has received more funds so far


Italy has so far achieved the objectives established by the NRP agreed with Brussels. To certify it is the report update of the European Commission on the implementation of the Next Generation EU (or Recovery fund if you prefer), which highlights the progress made on projects and reforms by the various countries of the block. … Read more

ITALIAN SCENARIO / The challenge of the NRP and the risk of a new 2011


It is easy to say “current affairs”, from now on to the elections on 25 September Mario Draghi will have to deal with issues that go far beyond normal administration, because the emergency is not only not over, but in many respects it has just begun . This applies to the economic and social situation … Read more