Olaia Tejeda triumphs in Italy with her repertoire of modern and classical dances

This past summer, the skater Olaia Tejedaneighbor of Berango, she was proclaimed world champion of sports dance in Germany. At 18 years old, far from staying there, she has now returned to savor the honey of the success in Italy in the international championship Italian Championship (valid for the WorldCDF World League) held this past … Read more

MEPs speak out against “modern slavery” of Cuban doctors in Italy

A group of MEPs has called on the governor of Italy’s Calabria region to reconsider the consequences of recruiting Cuban doctors to address a shortage of medical personnel, as it could lead to labor exploitation. Faced with a shortage of medical personnel, local authorities in August signed a cooperation agreement with the Cuban government’s intermediary … Read more

Alarm for deaths at work in Italy: 677 in eight months, almost three victims a day. Mattarella: “Unacceptable for a modern country, you can’t risk your life to work”


The numbers are tremendous. And already alone they tell everything. Here they are. There were 677 fatal accidents at work in Italy in the first 8 months of the year, with an average of almost three victims per day. Compared to the same period of 2021, when the victims were 772, there is a significant … Read more

The city of doing | Milan sets an example to all of Italy on how to be modern and avant


“The Third Pole could only be born in Milan, a city educates to risk and ambition”. From the stage of the Franco Parenti Theater in Milan, Matteo Renzi talks about the city, jokes, remembers personal anecdotes, mentions Manzoni and Beccaria, throws digs – and even something more – to the bipopulists. Only at the end … Read more

Fi’lia, our test of the chic and modern Italian restaurant at Pullman Paris Montparnasse


By Laurent P. Photos by Laurent P. Posted September 5, 2022, 3:51 PM Notice to lovers of Italian gastronomy! Head to Fi’lia, a restaurant in the 14th arrondissement, located on the first floor of the Pullman Paris Montparnasse, which offers you a menu that smells of la dolce vita, but with a little extra Mediterranean … Read more