“We here, secretly in Schifani: Forza Italia is Miccichè”

Countless primaries, health managers, city councilors and candidates who have not been elected 3′ OF READING PALERMO – “How many of us there are, directors of the Region, administrators, members of the police forces, entrepreneurs can see it. Whoever works in the apparatus is here, secretly from Renato Schifani. If he does an article he … Read more

Come on Italy, in Sicily dispute between Micciché and councilor Falcone

Quarrel between the leader of Forza Italia in Sicily, Gianfranco Miccichè, and the councilor for the economy Marco Falcone, considered very close to the president of the region, Renato Schifani. Nerves jumped just before lunchtime on the stage of the Fratelli d’Italia convention in a hotel in Catania. The governor did not witness the clash … Read more

Sicily, two “Forza Italia” remain: Micciché keeps name and symbol, but is increasingly isolated


Which Force Italy? This is the pending question Sicily since, last week, the party at the regional assembly it split into two groups: Forza Italia 1 and Forza Italia 2. Two groups separated by a number, accepted by the president of Ars, Gaetano Galvagnojust waiting for it to happen clarity within Berlusconi’s party. A week … Read more

Sicily, the election of the Ars president breaks Forza Italia: from Schifani and slap to Miccichè

Open confrontation in Come on Italywon by Renato Schifani to the detriment of Gianfranco Miccichébut only thanks to the external help of Cateno De Luca. This is the debut ofSicilian regional assembly which today, Thursday 10 November, officially opened its work, a month and a half after the elections. A debut marked by a setback … Read more

Forza Italia formalizes the candidates, Miccichè and Prestigiacomo leaders in the plurinominal in the Senate


The regional coordinator of Forza Italia Gianfranco Miccichè presented the electoral lists for the Room and for the Senate of the blue team in view of the next election day on 25 September. Names given in a press conference held in the party headquarters in via Libertà in Palermo. The candidates for the Senate With … Read more

White smoke at Forza Italia, Miccichè on Schifani’s candidacy: “It’s the best possible”


White smoke in the center-right in Sicily after days of controversy and burnt names. “For Forza Italia, Renato Schifani’s candidacy is the best possible candidacy for the Presidency of the Sicilian Region, so we gladly accept Fdi’s proposal”. To announce it atAdnkronos is the president of the Sicilian Regional Assembly, Gianfranco Miccichè, party coordinator in … Read more