In Italy, the organic market seeks to revive

While consumption of organic products has fallen by 8% between 2021 and 2022, the Italian market is seeking to reorganize its offer to boost purchases. The grass isn’t always greener next door. In any case, this is what Italian organic professionals observed, meeting on January 11, 2023. Like its French neighbor, Italy recorded a drop … Read more

Startups and venture capital, encouraging news from the Italian market


According to Infocamere and Anitec-Assinform, the number of startups and innovative companies was up by 8.6% compared to the same period of the previous year. And the productivity of small businesses also runs Startups and small businesses, digital is driving their population growth and profits. The latest monitoring carried out by Anitec-Assinform and Infocamere is … Read more

Wine labels like cigarettes: a 14 billion market at risk in Italy


The battle over health warnings for wine, beer and spirits labels rages on in Europe. In fact, from January Ireland will be able to decide whether to put warnings on alcohol labels such as alcohol consumption causes liver disease, alcohol and fatal cancers are directly linked and on the risk of consumption during pregnancy. Warnings … Read more

“The Spaniards do not know how to place their wines on the market, compared to France or Italy”

V ou joined your family business 60 years ago. How do you view the evolution of the Spanish wine industry during this period? Miguel Torres: There were many improvements in the quality of Spanish wines during this period. The appellations of origin have done a good job and new regions that did not … Read more

What is the iconic Italian motorcycle that reaches the Argentine market


The available versions will be the Ducati Scrambler Icon and Ducati Scrambler Icon Dark (Credits: Volkswagen Press) The automotive company announced the start of the commercialization of the 803 cc Ducati Scrambler Icon model, assembled in the Córdoba Industrial Center; becoming the third Ducati plant in the world outside of Italy. The available versions will … Read more

Italy Will Create Crypto Art Renaissance: NFT Market Report

Italy is one of the cultural centers of Europe, with centuries of history, art and culture. Now, It also plans to create the Renaissance of cryptocurrencies through its market of non-fungible tokens (NFTs)according to a new report. Data from Research and Market’s “Italy NFT Market Intelligence and Future Growth Dynamics Databook” says that I know … Read more

How to relaunch the labor market in Italy


There is a very urgent need to structure increasingly effective active policies which must find adequate matches in the jobs offered, with a match between supply and demand for quality work. The speech by Alessandra Servidori, professor of labor policies The health emergency has upset our country’s economic and social system, and has aggravated the … Read more