Italy is fifth in the world (and first in the EU) for life expectancy, despite everything

Italy occupies fifth place in the ranking of countries with the highest life expectancy in the world and first place among those of the European Union examined: this is what emerges from a Research performed by the US healthcare network Nice Rx, which analyzed various data from OECD countries (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) … Read more

Migrants, Italy authorizes the landing in Livorno for NGO ships Sea Eye 4 and Life Support

Authorized landing to ships Sea Eye 4 and Life support. NGO boats, with on board respectively 63 and 70 castaways rescued in the Mediterranean, will have to head to the port of Livorno. The Italian authorities therefore immediately communicated and assigned the safe port for the NGO’s ships Sea Eye and Emergency. In both cases … Read more

Quality of life: the 2022 ranking of the cities where people live best in Italy


The 33rd edition of the annual survey developed by the Sole 24 Ore places Bologna and Florence on the podium as the major cities tumble. Milan remains in the top 10, however. Between the legacy left by the pandemic and the first signs of economic recession, the ranking shows that the crisis weighs more on … Read more

Readers, publishers and books in Italy have a common characteristic: the short life


More titles are printed but the number of those who read them does not increase and the publishing houses also decrease. The lack of love towards reading is growing, also due to an offer that is unsatisfactory Carlo Dossi, who over a century ago left a narrative project on readers in Italy crippled, would benefit … Read more

Ukrainian refugees, from fleeing to new life in Italy. “Autonomy also comes from work”


Liubov Bastriukova is 24 years old and comes from Kharkiv. She fled her country six months after the outbreak of the conflict. At first she tried to resist, not to leave her house. But the constant bombings, the blackouts and the ever greater dangers of her have pushed her to leave. So she decided to … Read more

Prisons, migrants and life imprisonment: the black map of Italy


Presented yesterday in the Chamber of Deputies the IX Report on state of rights in Italya project conceived and edited by Rightfully Onlus. A year after year monitoring of seventeen different rights, which reports the regulatory changes, the major difficulties encountered in recognizing those rights, the initiatives and proposals to be undertaken for their protection. … Read more

Apofruit Italia: the citrus campaign comes to life


After a quiet start, due to the still very high temperatures recorded in the middle of autumn, the citrus campaign of Apofruita cooperative specialized in the production of quality Italian fruit and vegetables. In particular, this phase is managed by the innovative plant in Scanzano Jonico (province of Matera), which on a total area of … Read more

Violence women. In Italy 31.5% victim at least once in their life. Among female workers, almost 60% of cases concern health professions

On the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women established by the United Nations, the Ministry of Health takes stock of the phenomenon in Italy. 31.5% of women aged between 16 and 70 have experienced some form of physical or sexual violence in their lifetime. In 2021, there were 6,300 … Read more