Tajani in Egypt talks about Libya and migrants without neglecting the Regeni case

The visit of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs has just ended, Antonio Tajaniin Egypt, which arrived after the recent visits to Turkey and Tunisia and after the trip to Italy of the Egyptian Foreign Minister, Sameh Shoukry, as part of his participation in the Med Dialogues organized in Rome last December. … Read more

Libya: more than 100 migrants received in Italy via a humanitarian corridor

One hundred and fourteen exiles from Libya landed on Wednesday, November 30, at Rome airport in Italy. This transfer was made possible thanks to a humanitarian corridor, set up by Christian associations in the country in collaboration with the Italian authorities. They are now far from the Libyan “hell”. On Wednesday 30 November, 114 migrants … Read more

Italy renews the pact to return immigrants to Libya


Europe was horrified to see live how the more than 360 corpses were being removed one by one from the ship that caught fire off the coast of Lampedusa in October 2013. Senior representatives of the European Union traveled to offer their condolences to the white coffins , Italy decreed national mourning and the Pope … Read more



At the end of January 2023, unless extended, the time needed to apply for the tender to build the final stretch of the “highway of peace” which should unite east and west Libya. In particular, it is about 400 kilometers of road that should start from the hinterland of Measured and get to the border … Read more

In Libya, the conditions of migrants are unacceptable, but Italy is ready to renew the Memorandum


“Unfortunately, the human rights situation in Libya is still unacceptable”: said the new UN special envoy to the country, Abdoulaye Bathily. Meanwhile, on November 2, the automatic renewal of the Memorandum of Understanding between Rome and Tripoli will be triggered. The desperation of a migrant in a detention center in Libya (Gettyimages) In Libya, the … Read more

European mobilization against the agreement for the return of immigrants between Italy and Libya

Citizens of Madrid and Barcelona, ​​along with many other European cities such as Berlin, Bern, Brussels, London, Milan, Naples, Rome or Zurich, took to the streets on October 15, 2022 to demand, in front of the Italian government embassies, to put an end to the “illegal and shameful Memorandum” that violates international law and human … Read more

“What produced the pact between Libya and Italy: 1,550 dead and 32 thousand prisoners”, interview with Riccardo Noury ​​


Abolish the “Memorandum of shame”: the one signed in 2017 by Italy And Libya. After Rossella Miccio, president of Emergency, the floor a Riccardo Nouryhistorical spokesperson for Amnesty International Italia. Why should the Italy-Libya Memorandum of Understanding be canceled in its entirety?Because it is the instrument with which Italy, by continuing to provide Libya with … Read more

Immigrants and energy, spectators Italy. Thus, Libya became a black hole.


It is the black hole in Libya. A black hole in which Italy loses all its leading role and is no longer capable of controlling migratory flows or defending its energy interests. A black hole risks becoming the nightmare of any future government and being punished for our geopolitical irrelevance. The first to meet him … Read more

Migrants and energy, spectator Italy. Thus Libya has become a black hole

It is the black hole of Libya. A black hole in which Italy is losing all role and is no longer able to control migratory flows or to defend its interests in the energy field. A black hole that risks becoming the curse of any future government and sanctioning our geopolitical irrelevance. The first to … Read more

Serious burns transported from Libya to Italy, an operation conducted by the Cross of Pistoia


Italy-Libya round trip, to provide aid and treat those who are suffering the consequences of very serious burns. A race for life, from a country without peace since 2014 where the clashes between opposing factions have returned to intensify. Four Libyan citizens, including two children aged eight and eleven, arrived in the afternoon of Saturday … Read more