Sicily, two “Forza Italia” remain: Micciché keeps name and symbol, but is increasingly isolated

Which Force Italy? This is the pending question Sicily since, last week, the party at the regional assembly it split into two groups: Forza Italia 1 and Forza Italia 2. Two groups separated by a number, accepted by the president of Ars, Gaetano Galvagnojust waiting for it to happen clarity within Berlusconi’s party. A week … Read more

Meloni at G20 with busy schedule of meetings: Italy not isolated


Tomorrow he will see Biden and Erdogan, Wednesday Xi. An interview with Macron is not on the agenda Bali (Indonesia), 14 Nov. (askanews) – Tomorrow Joe Biden and Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Wednesday Xi Jinping and Justin Trudeau. Giorgia Meloni arrived this evening in Bali in Indonesia, where the G20 opens tomorrow, with a packed agenda … Read more

“The polls are overturned, Italy isolated if Meloni wins. Conte? He went against the Italians”, interview with Graziano Delrio


Parliamentaryreappointed, Pd, former mayor of Reggio Emilia, minister for regional affairs and autonomy in the Letta government, ministerof Infrastructures and Transport first in the Renzi government and then reconfirmed in the government Gentiloni, he was also leader of the Dem group in the Chamber of Deputies. The word a Graziano Delrio. Among the topics covered … Read more

If the sovereign and populist right wins, Italy will be isolated in Europe and in the world (by P. Fassino)


On 25 September the Italians will be called to elect the new Parliament. It is the epilogue of an absurd and unjustified crisis. No political reason, no dissent on this or that single measure, no party reason, can justify a government crisis from which Italy and the Italians can only draw a lot of damage. … Read more