Weather news: Snow in the Balearic Islands, Italy and Algeria 26/01/2023

Persistent low pressure conditions in the Mediterranean: While a cold but calmer and anticyclonic weather again imposed itself on France, the unstable conditions shifted towards the Mediterranean in connection with a persistent low pressure area between Greece and Italy and draining air cold coming from Eastern Europe on these regions. Atmospheric situation in Europe this … Read more

Grimaldi inaugurates a new cargo line linking the Balearic Islands with Italy and the Peninsula

The Grimaldi Group has launched a new regular cargo line that will connect Palma with Italy and the Peninsula with two new generation ECO vessels of the innovative GG5G class (Grimaldi Green 5th Generation). These are the ‘twin’ ships ‘ECO Adriatica’ and ‘ECO Mediterránea’, the tenth and eleventh of twelve state-of-the-art units ordered from the … Read more

Private islands for sale in Italy: what they are and how much they cost

From the Venetian Lagoon to Ustica, a selection of private islands that can be bought or rented in Italy at the cost of a city apartment. Isola delle Sirene in Taormina – Credit Private Islands Online Having your own private island where to take refuge when looking for a little relaxation or where to enjoy … Read more

6 paradise islands in Spain, Italy and Portugal


Discover 6 paradise islands in Italy, Spain and Portugal to spend the summer.Whether you’re looking for dreamy beaches, breathtaking scenery, plenty of amenities, or wild nature, we’ve got just what you need. One of these islands will meet your needs and will provide you with a vacation worth telling your grandchildren about or sharing with … Read more

In Italy there are four private islands for sale and the dream of living there is very strong


How nice it would be to wake up with your feet in the sand and take a dip in the crystal clear waters, and then relax away from everything and everyone. If you reflect yourself in this sentence then you are in desperate need of a private island. We know, dreaming is one thing and … Read more

The scariest uninhabited islands in Italy


Poveglia imagined by the artist seidmanart, from Instagram Between historical truths and legends of the sea, some of the Italian islands offer surprises. A gloomy or simply dark past adds that pinch of thrill, capable of frightening anyone The scariest uninhabited islands in Italy # The atlas of fear Isola delle Femmine – Credits: isola_delle_femmine_ … Read more

The most beautiful islands in Italy and Europe: the updated holiday ranking


When one thinks of the most beautiful islands in the world, Italian and European beauties are often forgotten. To open the eyes of tourists there are the faithful readers of a rather authoritative travel-themed magazine. According to Travel + Leisure in fact in the ranking of the 20 most beautiful islands in the world there … Read more

In Italy, discovering the very baroque Borromean Islands


Paradise on earth… or rather on the waters. Those of a deep blue Lake Maggiore contrasting with the snow-capped peaks of the Pennine Alps which dominate it. On its shores sleeps Stresa, a seaside resort with its Belle Epoque palaces. Along this lake border between Piedmont, Lombardy and the canton of Ticino stretches a necklace … Read more