Why Italians increasingly choose Valencia to live

“Here you live better than in Italy.” Growing up in Bologna, Michelangelo Damicis settled in Valencia seven years ago and he is clear about it. Also Antonio Paris, born in Calabria, who arrived in the city three years ago and goes one step further. “You live better than in Madrid or Barcelona”, he assures after … Read more

Sicily, two “Forza Italia” remain: Micciché keeps name and symbol, but is increasingly isolated

Which Force Italy? This is the pending question Sicily since, last week, the party at the regional assembly it split into two groups: Forza Italia 1 and Forza Italia 2. Two groups separated by a number, accepted by the president of Ars, Gaetano Galvagnojust waiting for it to happen clarity within Berlusconi’s party. A week … Read more

Video. Ukrainian refugees increasingly in difficulty. There is also a lot to do in Italy

With the imminent arrival of the cold season, the situation of Ukrainians who have fled war zones or remained in precarious situations worsens. There are 6.2 million internally displaced people, while many others have taken refuge abroad. The difficulties of the Ukrainians in Italy In Italy housing precariousness and difficulty in accessing social and health … Read more

Young people in Italy are increasingly poor

But why do crises in our country always have an asymmetrical generational impact that falls more on the younger age groups? “First of all because there isn’t a structured youth policy, there isn’t a strategy – specifies Monti – A generational impact assessment is needed for each provision presented to the House and Senate, as … Read more

Forza Italia increasingly ‘family matter’: money from Cav’s children to save the accounts


Forza Italia is increasingly a ‘family matter’. When the founder Silvio Berlusconi does not think about it personally (since 2014 it has paid out almost 100 million euros out of its own pocket), there are his companies or his family to save the party’s accounts. Sifting through ‘the list of contributions’ received by the blue … Read more

The world of EVOO in Italy, increasingly attractive to tourists


However, he points out that the potential of this sector -thanks to its centuries-old history, the link with the territory and the landscape, and the beneficial properties of the product- still appears largely unexpressed. Structures involved in olive cultivation are gradually opening up to tourist experiences. Thus, tasting courses focused on the product of unique … Read more

ECB: prices and growth are increasingly alarming, what is the Italy of the Meloni government at risk?

The ECB bulletin not surprising: the forecasts speak of prices still rising and an economic slowdown on the horizon for the Eurozone. In this delicate moment for the world economy grappling with the war in Ukraine and the energy crisis and in crucial groups for Italy, committed to the 2023 Budget Law, a reminder from … Read more

Italy 4th favorite destination for LGBTQ + tourists: an increasingly safer country


“Italy: the experience of LGBTQ + travelers”: this is the title of the research carried out by Marianna di Salle, coordinator of the Master in Economics and Management of Tourism at Bocconi University, carried out for IGLTA, AITGL and Sonders & Beach Group on the occasion of the 38th IGLTA convention in Milan. The study … Read more

Health and technology: hospitals and healthcare companies are increasingly smart in Italy


The health system is a strategic sector in Italy. There medical technology is transforming the face of hospitals that are getting smarter, with an increasing number of technological devices. Just to name a few of these treatment revolutions, the new ones 3D printers that offer custom-made prostheses that were unthinkable until a few years ago, … Read more

Violent hailstorms in Italy are increasingly frequent, the peak in autumn


Home News Science Violent hailstorms in Italy are increasingly frequent, the peak in autumn A CNR study reveals that hailstorms in the countries of Mediterranean Europe, from Greece to Spain passing through Italy, have increased sharply in the last ten years. Lorenzo Pasqualini Yesterday 3 min Hail storms have been on the rise over the … Read more