Work, Credem Banca hires these lucky ones throughout Italy: a diploma is enough

Credem Banca opens up new job opportunities throughout Italy. These are the sought-after figures: only a few requirements are enough. Here’s what figures they are and how to apply. Credito Emiliano SpA, or better known as Credem Bank is a private credit institution, based in Reggio Emilia. Founded in 1910, it has changed its name … Read more

Colossus of microchips opens factory in Italy: thousands of hires


A few weeks after the end of his mandate, Mario Draghi’s outgoing government would have given birth to a agreement with the 4.5 billion euro microchip giant Intel and thousands of jobs, with the construction of a factory in Italy. The American multinational has chosen the Venetian town of Vigasio, in the province of Verona, … Read more

Coca Cola Hbc Italia: 40 hires with reopening of the Gaglianico plant


Coca Cola Hbc Italia will make new hires thanks to the reopening of the plant in Gaglianico, in the province of Biella. The well-known company, which bottles and distributes The Coca Cola Company brand products in Italy, will post 40 direct employees. Here’s what to know about Coca Cola Hbc Italia jobs coming to Gaglianico … Read more

Primark hires, new openings in Italy: here’s where and how to apply


Primark Italy hires thanks to new openings by 2023. This would be the plan for Italy of Primark, the well-known chain of clothing, accessories and household items at very competitive prices. The company plans to open four new stores by 2023 in Italy that they could create, considering that for each new opening there are … Read more