Italy: first assessment for Giorgia Meloni after 100 days in power

PAs a question for Giorgia Meloni to leave in the hands of journalists alone the exercise of the “assessment” of her first 100 days in office. It is therefore in front of a duo of Italian and European banners that the Prime Minister, solemn, appeared yesterday on video on social networks, for 7 minutes of … Read more

The Pope receives Giorgia Meloni, Prime Minister of Italy, in the Vatican

January 10, 2023 / 5:32 a.m. On the morning of this Tuesday, January 10, Pope Francis received in audience at the Vatican the Prime Minister Giorgia Melonifirst woman to hold this political position. The journalist and politician Meloni arrived at the Vatican at 9:45 am (Rome time) with her daughter Ginevra and her partner Andrea … Read more

In Italy, the government of Giorgia Meloni attacks NGOs that save migrants at sea


Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni during her end-of-year press conference in Rome on December 29, 2022. TIZIANA FABI / AFP During the electoral campaign at the end of the summer, Giorgia Meloni, the leader of the far-right Italian party Fratelli d’Italia had revived the idea of ​​a naval blockade to stop boats intervening at sea … Read more

Giorgia Meloni tempted by the merger of the Italian rights to weigh more in Brussels


Posted Jan 4, 2023, 3:14 PM Unite the Italian rights in a single party. It is the wish of Silvio Berlusconi in this new year to federate Forza Italia with its two allies, the League of Matteo Salvini and Fratelli d’Italia of Giorgia Meloni . The latter would prefer a merger to create a conservative … Read more

Italia, el país donde la extrema derecha no es tan extrema con Giorgia Meloni en el poder

Cualquiera sea el gobierno italiano -la inestabilidad política siempre está a la orden del día en la península-, dos son los problemas que debe enfrentar en la actualidad y que no se resuelven fronteras hacia adentro. En primer término, la inmigración. En segundo lugar: la energía. Italia, junto con España y con Grecia, constituye la … Read more

Italy, the country where the extreme right is not so extreme with Giorgia Meloni in power


Whatever the Italian government – political instability is always the order of the day on the peninsula – there are two problems that it must face today and that internal borders are not resolved. First, immigration. Second: energy. Italy, along with Spain and Greece, is the gateway for all those fleeing misery in their countries … Read more

Italy: war in Ukraine, Iran, immigration… what to remember from Giorgia Meloni’s end


This Thursday, December 29, Giorgia Meloni answered questions from journalists during the traditional end-of-year press conference. Iran, War in Ukraine or even immigration, the President of the Italian Council thus returned to several files. Questions and answers. The President of the Italian Council, Giorgia Meloni, held a major end-of-year press conference on Thursday 29 December. … Read more

Giorgia Meloni is optimistic about the permanence of her coalition in power: “A horizon of five years”

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni highlighted today the “totally positive climate” within the right-wing coalition that supports it and that it remains united with “a horizon of five years” in power. He also assured that the birth rate It is “an absolute priority” of his governmentwhich has allocated 1,500 million euros in its Budgets. In … Read more

Italy: Giorgia Meloni facing journalists this Thursday during a major end


This Thursday, December 29, the President of the Italian Council, Giorgia Meloni, must attend the traditional end-of-year press conference. An exercise in the form of a balance sheet and prospects during which the big winner of the general elections in September will have to answer many questions from journalists. An exercise that this former TV … Read more

In Italy, Giorgia Meloni declares war on wild boars


LETTER FROM ROME Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and Senate President Ignazio La Russa in Rome on December 27, 2022. MAURO SCROBOGNA / AP In the midst of the painfully prolonged debates around the development of the Italian budget for 2023, a measure integrated into the finance law stands out. Adopted at the last minute … Read more