Axis forces, Germany, Italy, Japan: episode 2/4 of the Winter 43 podcast, victory changes sides

In Munich, in the capital of Nazism, in Italy, in Japan or in the satellite countries, the defeats of winter 43 involve heavy changes in the behavior of the countries of the Axis. Men are dying at the front, shortages are increasing and the bombings are terrorizing the populations. Historian Marie-Anne Matard Bonucci explains how … Read more

Wevza: Italy beats Germany and conquers the final

For this semifinal of the Wevza under 17 men’s tournament, the federal coach Monica Cresta lines up, as happened in the previous matches, the sextet made up of the Porro-Colaci diagonal, the spikers Cremoni and Bertoncello, the central Benacchio and Zara and the libero Giani. On the other side of the net, for Germany, coach … Read more

Freelancer in Germany. “Both here and in Italy, the publishing world is static. To live, you need to diversify”


“The world editorialboth in Italy which abroad, is governed by immobility. It is not assumed and it is not possible to enter: the tendency is to outsource”. Born in 1993 in the province of Paduaafter studying Publishing and Linguistics in Italy, Elena Volpato chose to live in Germany. For love. Graduated in Languages ​​and Cultures … Read more

Other than barriers: this is how the Chinese Huawei dominates 5G telecoms in Italy and Germany | Federico Rampini


Remember the Western war against China Huawei because he risked dominate our fifth generation or 5G telephony? We no longer talk about it and the impression prevailed that Huawei’s invasion of a strategic sector of our telecoms has been blocked. False. Well eight European countries continue to entrust more than half of their 5G infrastructure … Read more

The NGO Equalia reveals the “tip of the iceberg” of animal abuse in Spain, Italy, Germany and Austria, with two million animals affected


– Advertising- Once again, the non-governmental organization equalia reveals a case of animal abuse in a chicken macro-farm linked to companies supplying supermarkets lidl. The case of mistreatment joins those already denounced by this organization in poultry farms in Italy, Germany and Spain, with the common denominator that all of them are related to Lidl. … Read more

GDP, Italy sets a record: in 2022 “double” France and Germany

Italy is preparing to close a 2022 record-breaking. Despite rising inflation, high energy prices and the boom in raw material prices have created many problems families and businessesin the last 12 months (Q3 2022 vs. Q3 2021), the economic growth Italy was double that recorded by our main commercial competitors in the euro area. If … Read more

The unexpected ‘rebirth’ of the Italian economy: it leaves Spain behind and approaches France and Germany


The Italian economy is usually a case study due to the poor results of the last decades. Real GDP per capita has not grown at all since the creation of the euro. More than two decades of stagnation and dark clouds that, however, do not prevent the sun from rising from time to time, even … Read more

Gasoline and diesel have become more expensive in Spain than in Italy, France or Germany


Refueling a liter of 95 octane gasoline in Spain at the beginning of December 2021 cost 1.48 euros per liter, while the price dropped to 1.35 euros per liter in the case of diesel. In comparison with the three largest nations in the Eurozone (France, Italy and Germany), Spain appeared as the country where it … Read more

Atlas lions show the best defensive performance since Italy champion of Germany 2006

Morocco, the revelation and the revolution of the 2022 World Cup, has only received 10 shots at his goal and a single goal in eight hours of play in the tournament, already at the height of a semifinal in the history of the team and of Africa, for the first time. Once again their continent … Read more