What is missing from the success of Fratelli d’Italia. Writes Sisci

The President of the Council Giorgia Meloni on Saturday he celebrated his and his party’s path to electoral victory, the Brothers of Italy, as a success of his own conservative ideas. And yet perhaps this is not the case. Behind the success there is a real and unanswerable drama of the country. This lack of … Read more

Political polls today. For SWG Fratelli d’Italia it has twice the votes of the Pd. The numbers

Brothers of Italy higher and higher. The polls of the last few days agree on the trend of the party of the prime minister Giorgia Meloni. Brothers of Italy for SWG exactly double the Democratic Party. 30.8% for Meloni, 15.4% for Enrico Letta’s party waiting for the congress and the primaries to elect his successor. … Read more

Headquarters of Fratelli d’Italia in the Pavia area named after the hierarch Italo Balbo

A parliamentary question and an “unlocked” memory by the British historian David Broder: “In 2018 Giorgia Meloni defended the naming of a street after Balbo: he called him ‘a great patriot’, not just a fascist”. Everything revolves around the case of the Fratelli d’Italia club in Retorbido, in the Pavia area, entitled to fascist hierarch … Read more

Toninelli’s clenched fist and the OK from Fratelli d’Italia: the whole story of the 2018 Ischia “amnesty”


And the November 15, 2018. The Genoa decreethree months after the tragedy of Morandi bridgepasses definitively to Senate. 167 yes votes, 49 against and 53 abstentions. The publication in Official Gazette brings with it the infamous article 25. That is the one entitled “Definition of the amnesty procedures” for the homes affected by the Ischia … Read more

Revolution at Aifa: Fratelli d’Italia and Forza Italia propose abolition of the figure of the General Manager and unification of the price and technical

by Giovanni Rodriguez This is foreseen by two identical amendments to the NATO and NHS Calabria strengthening decree presented by the group leaders of FdI and FI in the Social Affairs, Health and Labor Commission of the Senate. Once the figure of the Director General has been eliminated, the role of legal representative of the … Read more

Political polls, collapse of the Democratic Party and Forza Italia: for Fratelli d’Italia and Meloni there is a boom in confidence

The Democratic party continues to lose ground in favor of the 5 Star Movement, while the consensus for Giorgia Meloni and Brothers of Italy. This situation is recorded by the latest political polls: in particular a survey by Demos and the supermedia Youtrend of the weekly polls. According to the first, the party of the … Read more

Fratelli d’Italia is now aiming for the mayor’s chair. The League collects, Pd caustic


Read also: With the entry into the advising group of the Brothers of Italy of the councilors Zagni, Chiodelli (ex Lega) and Burgazzi (ex Lega, then Misto), Giorgia Meloni’s party becomes the first center-right party in the city, not only in votes but also in the Salone dei Quadri. “Today we become the first minority … Read more

Where does the friendship between Vox and Fratelli d’Italia come from and how solid it is

“The relations between Vox and the Brothers of Italy are excellent, consolidated for years and solidified also at the European level thanks to belonging to the group of Conservatives and reformists”, he told Political report card Steven Forti, Professor of Contemporary History at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and researcher at the Instituto de Historia … Read more

Fratelli d’Italia: The party of Giorgia Meloni, the new president of Italy

During the last election they were the first preference in the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate Fratelli d’Italia It is Giorgia Meloni’s party. The far-right candidate was positioned as the favorite in the elections over the Democratic Party. In addition, the “Brothers of Italy”, as it is known in Spanish, obtained the largest number … Read more

Reforms, immigration and Russia. Here is the agenda of Fratelli d’Italia


The challenges for Meloni and Fratelli d’Italia will be many, starting with the expensive bills and the financial one, but also from the programmatic points on reforms, immigration and the position on Russia and Ukraine. Here is what the party expects for these points While the full names are circulating for the ministers and institutional … Read more