Colbrelli candidate, see if Forza Italia is the problem…

Sonny Colbrelli © Team Bahrain Victorious – SprintCycling Sonny Colbrelli’s last known encounter with politics took the form of a slapstick: the legendary first Giro della Padania was taking place, year of grace 2011, and at the start of a stage, in Liguria, the peloton was stopped by a group of protesters who went to … Read more

Interview with Biondi (Forza Italia): “May 2023 be the year in which change takes place. The centre


In the newfound compactness of the center-right of Forlì, cemented by the reshuffle that saw the entry into the council of the mayor Gian Luca Zattini of Fratelli d’Italia and ‘Centre-right for Forlì’, the discontent of Lauro Biondi, leader of Forza Italy. The most critical position, as is known, was precisely on the reshuffle, which … Read more

Forza Italia deposits the proposal to review the abuse of office


Home » Channels » Politics » Forza Italia deposits the proposal to review the abuse of office ROME – Forza Italia in the Chamber presents a bill for reform the abuse of office. The crime, on which the mayors and local administrators have been asking for a change to the law for some time, is … Read more

Marcello Dell’Utri, Berlusconi and Forza Italia: the Italian braid, football, mafia and politics


Marcello Dell’Utri At the beginning of the summer of 1993, already extinguished the embers of the 1990 World Cupfrom that summer chasing goals, and still in an Italy outraged and fed up with corruption, seven men, Marcello Dell’Utri, Anthony Martino, Gianfranco Ciaurro, Mario Valducci, Antonio Tajani, Cesare Previti Y Giuliano Urbanithey decide to found «Force … Read more

“We here, secretly in Schifani: Forza Italia is Miccichè”


Countless primaries, health managers, city councilors and candidates who have not been elected 3′ OF READING PALERMO – “How many of us there are, directors of the Region, administrators, members of the police forces, entrepreneurs can see it. Whoever works in the apparatus is here, secretly from Renato Schifani. If he does an article he … Read more

Forza Italia wants to block the Trojan for corruption crimes: how the bug works


According to Forza Italia, the Trojan bug represents “the tool that most violates the privacy sphere of the intercepted person”: the bill is ready Posted on: 22-12-2022 16:02 FREELANCE JOURNALIST Freelance journalist since 2014, I mainly deal with geopolitical analysis and foreign policy. I play electric guitar and I love rock and metal. Stop the … Read more

Maneuver, the tug of war between Meloni and Forza Italia and the fear that everything will blow up


Former minister Bonetti contemplates the chaos of the majority on the maneuver, then turns his back and whispers: More than a parliamentary discussion it looks like a rave party. Apparently just a joke, in reality an act of war: because the mention of him is not accidental of him, refers to the government decree which … Read more

Forza Italia for the territories: from Parliament to Europe to get to Fiumicino


Fiumicino – A full room of entrepreneurs, associations, families with children, ordinary citizens. This is the audience that Forza Italia Fiumicino addressed at the conference organized to outline some important ones program lines to be presented to the centre-right candidate for mayor for the next round of Administrative, Mario Baccini. An audience, we said, which … Read more

Forza Italia: “win again in Piedmont”. But Cirio still keeps himself buttoned up

15:04 Saturday 17 December 2022 The governor teases Piedmontese pride at the Azzurri conference with ministers Pichetto and Zangrillo. “We were considered on the edge of the empire, today we are protagonists on a national level”. Not a word about his renomination in 2024 The imperative is “to win the elections again”, repeating the … Read more

Parent 1, parent 2 | In Sicily there are officially two Forza Italia

Other than parent 1 and parent 2, here we have turned. And not only the genders are fluid, but also the parties. Because in Sicily, the genetic laboratory of Italian politics, exactly this happened. There are two Forza Italia (or Forze Italie? These days, as you write, you’re wrong). The reasoning is lacking but not … Read more