Massari: in 2023 for Italy to fight against inequalities at the UN, Conference on the Horn of Africa

NEW YORK, DECEMBER 29 – Italy at the UN in 2023 will redouble its efforts to reduce the divisions between the North and South of the world and will organize a high-level humanitarian conference on the Horn of Africa. In a video message released on Twitter at the beginning of the year, Ambassador Maurizio Massari, … Read more

In Italy, unsold goods from supermarkets to fight against the food insecurity of the poorest

The Italian government of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, from the coalition of the right and the extreme right, will introduce a “food income” for vulnerable families, consisting of food parcels, based on a proposal formulated by the left-wing deputies (Democratic Party, PD). According to this proposal, each low-income family will receive aid comprising food and … Read more

In Italy, Giorgia Meloni’s controversial fight against the credit card

Posted Dec 11 2022 at 9:32 The fight against tax evasion is the stated priority of all Italian governments. This endemic plague on public finances subtracts approximately 100 billion euros from the state coffers each year. But although Giorgia Meloni has also reaffirmed her firmness, his first budget is a “gift to tax evasion”, according … Read more

UN goals. Fight against poverty, health and education: Italy at two speeds


Enrico Giovannini, founder of ASviS and former Minister of Infrastructure A country with different speeds, where the differences between the strong areas and the weak areas (not necessarily in the Centre-North and the South) are increasing rather than decreasing. This is the worrying picture that emerges from the Territories 2022 report, published yesterday by ASviS, … Read more

Bank of Italy rejects the maneuver on cash, income and flat tax. The budget office: «Weakened the fight against tax evasion and money laundering»


The Bank of Italy rejects some of the measures included in the 2023 budget law. From the initiatives regarding payments, through the changes to the Flat tax, up to the reform – and consequent abolition – of the Citizenship Income, Fabrizio Balassone, head of Bankitalia’s economic structure service, in a hearing on the maneuver at … Read more

Switzerland and Italy strengthen their cooperation in the fight against the mafia


The head of the Swiss Public Prosecutor’s Office Stefan Blättler met for the first time on Tuesday in Bern with the Italian anti-mafia prosecutor Giovanni Melillo. While mafia phenomena are on the rise in Switzerland, the two officials have decided to intensify their contacts in the future. Giovanni Melillo is one of Italy’s most protected … Read more

DIRECT. Rugby France – Italy: the Italians fight back before half


Follow the event live Saturday, October 29, 2022 FRANCE – ITALY: 10-3 a test (Grise, 3′),a transformation (Drouin, 4′) a penalty (Drouin, 40′) a penalty (Sillari, 38′) Saturday, October 29, 2022 06:38 41′: Rigoni hits the kickoff directly into touch. Scrum for the Blues in the middle of the field. 06:36 It’s time for the … Read more

State action at sea: France, Italy and Monaco collaborate in the fight against marine pollution


Oct 9, 2022 For two days, the maritime prefecture of the Mediterranean collaborated, together with the Monegasque authorities and services, in the “RAMOGEPOL U Portu 2022” organized by the Italian Ministry for Ecological Transition off the coast of Imperia. This exercise, which took place from October 4 to 6 in Italian territorial waters, is part … Read more

According to Sky, the fight against piracy is not working yet in Italy


“To increase revenues, piracy must be seriously combated“. This was stated by Andrea Duilio, CEO of Sky Italia during the Trento Sport Festival, speaking in the debate “The General States of Italian football“. It may seem an obvious phrase, but a trend that seemed to have found a brake, also thanks to the numerous … Read more

Italy aligns itself with the EU in the fight against VAT fraud


It is being examined by the Commissions for the due opinions decree scheme of alignment with European legislation in the fight against VAT fraud: this is the “legislative decree containing corrective and supplementary provisions of the legislative decree 14 July 2020, n. 75 ”, which in turn implemented the European directive n. 2017/1371known as the … Read more