Totalitarian Italy: the mobilization of the masses, imperialism and the road to disaster, fascism at the gates of war

TRENT. Now emptied of all functionality and action, the liberal regime was “officially declared dead” on January 19, 1939. There House of Representativesindeed, it came abolished and replaced with an assembly composed only of men appointed directly by the dictator. Formed by representatives of the National Council of the Pnf and of the National Council … Read more

Italy 1934, when fascism understood the propaganda value of football

1934 is the year of the Italian soccer World Cup. The world of the Duce and the fascist organization. It is also the world championship that in a certain way acts as a starting point forerunner of the use of sport by authoritarian governments to increase their prestige on an international level and to advertise … Read more

The invincible Italy of the Thirties and the rhetoric of fascism


Italy won two of his four World Cups during the coach’s inimitable era Victor Pozzo which fell at the height of the fascist regime: the Rimet Cups of 1934 and 1938, held respectively in Italy and France, were celebrated together with other great sporting triumphs (from transatlantic flights to the successes of Primo Carnera in … Read more

Meloni, or the return of fascism in Italy


Note of Socialisme Ou Barbarie Francepart of International Web Left. a dangerous government Last September 25, the extreme right-wing party with neo-fascist affiliation “Fratelli d’Italia” won a victory in the legislative elections, with a historical score of 26%, elevating its president Giorgia Meloni to the head of state. The latter took almost a month to … Read more

From the Centro Studi Italia the reprint of the book “Genesis of Reggio Fascism” | 24 Emilia


November 4, 2022 at 12:07 The lawyer Luca Tadolini (Centro Studi Italia) explains: “The Centro Studi Italia of Reggio Emilia took the opportunity of the centenary of the March on Rome for the anastatic reprint of the book Genesis of Reggio’s Fascism Essay of political history, published by the Officine Grafiche Fascists in Reggio Emilia … Read more

When scoring goals for Italy became a way to celebrate fascism


In 1934, before disputing the World Cup that would end with the long-suffering victory of an Italy that was already showing ways of being a compact, solidary block and little given to preciousness, The players of the national team recorded the most eloquent images: one by one they approached the camera and pronounced their name … Read more