Ecomafia Report 2022: The stories and numbers of environmental crime in Italy

In Italy in 2021 eco-mafias continue to sink their roots into the environment, driven by transversal interests in which environmental, economic and organized crime are increasingly intertwined in a perfect triangle. The result is a direct attack, naked and raw, thanks also to a greater push of corruption and administrative offenses. Taking stock of data … Read more

In Italy, the per capita cost of environmental damage is among the highest in the EU: € 41.45 per citizen

The perception of an increasingly unbreathable air and local governments that do little to reverse the phenomenon, the certainty of climate change that is increasingly an economic problem. Global warming and Italy, climate and Italians, coexistence is anything but simple. Meanwhile, because extreme phenomena such as floods, floods, droughts, tornadoes and the like weigh on … Read more

Heineken Italia increases production and reduces the environmental impact

In 2021 Heineken Italia produced 32% more beer than in 2010, reducing CO2 emissions per hectolitre produced by 55%; compared to 1.7 million hectoliters of beer more produced than in 2010, in 2021 9 million hectoliters of water less were used. These are the results of Heineken Italia’s 2021 Sustainability Report, the result of the … Read more

Startups with social and environmental impact in Italy are growing more than others

Social innovation monitor identifies 486 startups with social and environmental impact in Italy, a number that grows by 28 percent in one year. At the end of 2021, there were 486 certified startups with significant social impact in Italy: a figure that grows by 28 percent in one year, more than double the average increase … Read more

IBM Italia for environmental sustainability: 600 tons of CO2 less in the next 12 months


Looking to the next COP27 and the challenges that the country will have to face in terms of energy savingIBM Italia declares its objectives to contribute responsibly to the fight against climate change. “We aim to put it into practice – reads a post on Linkedin by the administrator of IBM Italy, Stefano Rebattoni – … Read more

Cancer deaths in Italy: environmental pollution plays a significant role


Cancers are now the second leading cause of death in the world after cardiovascular disease. In the past decades of cancer research, lifestyle (in particular habits such as obesity, sedentary lifestyle, improper diet, alcoholism and smoking) e random or genetic factors have been indicated as the main causes in the development of tumors. However, there … Read more

Italy violates environmental regulations, maxi sting from the EU


Italy is certainly not having a good time, between the pandemic and the war in Ukraine which have put the pockets of Italians in serious difficulty. The increase in the costs of gas and fuels, the inflation that is leading prices to surge in the supermarket causing problems for ordinary citizens are only the tip … Read more

Italy: environmental activists stick to Laocoon to warn about the climate | Knowledge of the Arts


Yesterday, Thursday August 18, activists from Ultima Generazione clung their hands to the base of the Laocoön at the Vatican’s Pio-Clementino Museum. This is the third action of this type in Italy. ” I never wanted to expose myself to this extent, interrupt the calm of a museum and stick to the base of a … Read more

In Italy, environmental activists stick to the Laocoon base


By Simon Cherner Posted 2 hours ago, Update 41 minutes ago Two activists from the Italian group Ultima Generazione, on Thursday August 18, 2022, alongside the Laocoon, an ancient statuary group kept in the Vatican Museums. Ultima Generation The masterpiece, on display at the Vatican’s Pio-Clementino Museum, has inspired Italian activists keen to draw attention … Read more

Italy: after the Botticelli Spring, environmental activists target a symbol of progress | Knowledge of the Arts


Last Saturday, activists from Ultima Generazione clung to the plinth of Futurist Boccioni’s Man in Motion at the Museo del Novecento in Milan. This is the second such action in Italy. ” If the climate collapses, there will be no more museums, no more art “, had alerted the collective Ultima Generazione (Last generation in … Read more