The year of Italy: from Draghi to Meloni everything that has happened in 2022

Since the re-election of President Mattarella, the end of the Draghi Government and the victory of the right-wing Meloni Practically an emergency related to adverse climatic phenomena a day: from Marmolada to Ischia The Russian gas crisis stemming from the war put Italy’s energy fragility at the center A 2022 full of symbolic images for … Read more

Intervista a Draghi: «Sarei rimasto volentieri per completare il lavoro Meloni? Una leader abile»

di Antonio Polito L’intervista all’ex premier: «Tante le sfide raccolte e vinte: noi cresciuti più di Francia e Germania. Continuare a proteggere i più fragili. Putin? Solo lui può fermare i massacri» Mario Draghi mi accoglie sorridente, sfoggiando il senso dello humour che gli italiani hanno imparato a conoscere nelle sue conferenze stampa da premier. … Read more

In Italy, the right and the 5 Star Movement bring down Mario Draghi

Three parties in the government refused on Wednesday to grant their confidence to the Italian Prime Minister in a vote in the Senate, forcing him to leave power. Rome It is a drama of power in several acts which has been playing out for several days in Rome. Since the resignation of Mario Draghi a … Read more

Draghi leaves “greater margin” to Meloni, but Bank of Italy asks for “prudence”


©Reuters. Draghi leaves “greater margin” to Meloni, but Bank of Italy asks for “prudence” Rome, Oct 31 (.).- The growth of the gross domestic product (GDP) of 0.5% in the third quarter of the year, above expectations, implies that former Prime Minister Mario “Draghi leaves greater margins of action to the government (of the far-right … Read more

The latest act of the Draghi government is a gift to startups


Each Chamber of Commerce must publish on your institutional website the models, also in English. The notary who has received the deed of incorporation must deposit it at the competent business register office. And if standard models are used, the notary’s fee it must not exceed half than that provided for in Table C – … Read more

Italy: Giorgia Meloni takes her first steps in those of Mario Draghi

Posted Oct 23, 2022, 1:11 PMUpdated Oct 23, 2022, 1:50 PM The era of the “patriots” began in Italy. This is how Giorgia Meloni defines herself. She became Sunday the first woman to lead the Peninsula by bringing to power for the first time a post-fascist party that she managed to demonize. Giorgia Meloni and … Read more

EU, Draghi: “Italy has diversified more than any other gas supplies”


Italy is the EU country that has diversified its gas supplies the most, reducing its dependence on Russia by about two thirds. The Prime Minister said, Mario Draghi, in the press conference at the end of the European Council. “We did it before anyone else in Europe. We have accelerated on renewables to strengthen our … Read more

Even without Draghi, the “heavy” Italian debt does not condemn Europe

Will rising Italian debt fears continue to plague European equities as rising interest rates set the stage for disaster? This is what many say, especially after the resignation of the Italian Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, and the imminent formation of a new government which raises fears of the rise of populist parties. Should defaults be … Read more

Pnrr, Draghi: “Achieved objectives, soon another 21 billion in Italy”


“Italy will soon be able to receive another 21 billion euros, after the 45.9 billion of the past months”. Prime Minister Mario Draghi writes this in the introduction to the II report on the implementation of the NRP sent to Parliament. “Parliament has taken up the challenge, working intensively in examining the necessary measures, improving … Read more