Italy: first assessment for Giorgia Meloni after 100 days in power

PAs a question for Giorgia Meloni to leave in the hands of journalists alone the exercise of the “assessment” of her first 100 days in office. It is therefore in front of a duo of Italian and European banners that the Prime Minister, solemn, appeared yesterday on video on social networks, for 7 minutes of … Read more

Compromised championship and Coppa Italia thrown away: those like me apologize. Two withdrawals in 15 days give it a try. Bennacer, who wants to stay As in certain songs, the refrain starts from the title: two withdrawals in 15 days, after Eindhoven and after Turin, are proof that something is wrong for Pioli. Hunger goes hand in hand with attention and concentration, in sport, even if they don’t always constitute the certainty of the result. Just Pioli, some will … Read more

Blogs | Iran, 100 days of violence. Tajani to the ambassador: “Italy indignant”


(Photo by Allison Bailey / NurPhoto / NurPhoto via AFP) Iran at the end of 2022 has the face of Saha Etebari, 12, killed on Christmas day after regime agents opened fire on the car she was traveling in two days ago in Hormozgan province. She has the firm smile of Sarasadat Khademalsharieh, known as … Read more

Fencing, European Championships in Warsaw: five medals for Italy after two days of competitions


Great start for the Azzurri at the European Paralympic Fencing Championships in Warsaw. On the first day of competition, the Italian athletes won two silver medals with Emanuele Lambertini in category A men’s epee and Rossana Pasquino in B saber, and two bronze medals with epee players Michele Massa in category A and Leonardo Rigo … Read more

Climate, Italy’s marginal contribution. Pichetto Fratin criticizes the results of Cop27, but he left days before it ended

The Minister of Environment and Energy Security, Gilberto Pichetto Fratincriticizes the result of the Cop 27 of Sharm el Sheikh in which, however, Italy’s role was rather marginal, if compared to that of other world powers. No Italian minister participated in the negotiations. After the Conference, however, Pichetto Fratin did not miss his comment. “Despite … Read more

Weather: Temperatures, the Cold tries! We reveal what will happen in Italy in the next few days [Mappe]


Weather: Temperatures, the Cold tries! We reveal what will happen in Italy in the next few days [Mappe] Cold autumn in the next few days in some areas of the countryThe cold tries! In reality, Autumn has already arrived for quite a while, at least according to the calendar, but so far the temperatures have … Read more

Italy: more than 600 migrants landed in Lampedusa in two days, a baby found dead


Twelve migrant boats arrived in Lampedusa, Italy, between Wednesday and Thursday, with some 640 migrants on board. The body of a sick infant, who died of hypothermia, was found in one of these makeshift ships. The child’s mother wanted to have him treated in Italy. Some 118 migrants arrived on the Italian island of Lampedusa … Read more

She was encouraged to emigrate with her two children and revealed the most difficult part of her decision: “We spent many days crying”


evelyn scholz (28) is aware that 2019 was not an ordinary year. It meant a total change in his life, since he armed himself with courage and He made the decision to emigrate abroad with his family. Nowadays, works as a content creator and gives advice for those looking to embark on a different experience … Read more