Guerra, the Russian embassy in Rome: «Mines produced in Italy defused in Ukraine». Crosetto: “We distrust diplomacy from spreading fake news”

2023-01-09 19:02:23 Crosetto: we distrust Russia and diplomats on fake news about landmines “We warn Russia and its diplomatic terminals from continuing to spread false news on this matter.” Thus the Minister of Defense, Guido Crosetti, regarding the photos of allegedly Italian-made mines spread on social media by the Russian embassy in Italy. For Corsetto, … Read more

L’ambasciata russa contro l’Italia: “Ecco le mine disseminate in Ucraina”. Ma Crosetto smentisce: “Non le produciamo da 28 anni”

Mine antiuomo e anticarro italiane piazzate in territorio ucraino per colpire l’esercito russo. È questa l’accusa lanciata su Twitter, con tanto di foto, dall’Ambasciata russa in Italia con la quale la Federazione attacca Roma colpevole, a loro dire, di aver fornito armi che causeranno vittime “per molto tempo a venire”. Ma a sbugiardare la versione … Read more

Crosetto: «Public administration, away with the bureaucrats capable only of saying no. Or Italy won’t start again”


Minister Crosetto, let’s start with the budget law that has just landed in the Senate. The opposition claims that it lacks vision and contains many tips. What does he answer?“That resources were scarce. If we hadn’t had inflation this high since the 80s, if we had the money that Conte and Draghi had, if the … Read more

Why the Eastern flank of the Balkans is so important for Italy (and Crosetto remembers it)


While ten days ago the interior ministers gave the green light for Croatia’s accession to the Schengen area, Romania and Bulgaria continue to remain excluded, despite the positive opinions from the European Commission “I chose to come here, to the East Flank, because right now it is the most critical front that has marked and … Read more

Kosovo, visit Tajani and Crosetto: “Italy wants to be a protagonist in the Balkans, bringer of peace”


(From the correspondent Silvia Mancinelli) – The first extension dates back to this summer. The violent protests, the threats of violent tension, let alone the notices of fines and the invitations to enjoy concessions on car scams have not convinced. Today we are on the verge of a last warning launched by the head of … Read more

Italy “faithful ally” of the USA. The conversation between Crosetto and Austin


The transatlantic link is robust and the partnership with Italy is of fundamental importance for the United States. This is what emerged from the conversation between the Minister of Defense, Guido Crosetto, and the Secretary of Defense of the United States, Lloyd J. Austin, among the first to contact the new tenant of Palazzo Baracchini. … Read more

Lists and candidates Brothers of Italy, Meloni has chosen former ministers of the Berlusconi governments, excluding Crosetto: where the leader is running


On Sunday 25th September we vote for the political elections. Fratelli d’Italia is presented to the vote as a great favorite. The party of Giorgia Meloniin the latest polls before the election silence, is reckless along with the Democratic party the one who can obtain the primacy among the most voted. But even if it’s … Read more

Lists and candidates Brothers of Italy, in former ministers of the Berlusconi and Monti governments, excluding Crosetto: Meloni in the uninominal


Brothers of Italy is presented in the political elections of 25 September as a great favorite. The party of Giorgia Meloni contends to Democratic party the primacy among the most voted and, even if in the end it were the second, it could still express the next Prime Minister, starting with the party leader. All … Read more

Appeal from the right | We need a pact with the opponents for the good of Italy, says Guido Crosetto


Guido Crosetto, co-founder of Fratelli d’Italia, does not yet know what he will do, whether he will stand as a candidate or not. And in an interview with Courier together he launches an alarm and an appeal: «In September a tsunami will hit our country, with a foreseeable lower real wealth of 10%. We will … Read more