Alarm Italy: a new debt crisis on the way?

In an already particularly tense moment for Italy, another tile on our heads comes from Great Britain. The bitter “Italian” awareness of an unprecedented energy crisis, an economic stress with incalculable long-term effects, and skyrocketing inflation with generalized and unsustainable price increases for most Italian families was not enough: after the increase of 13 7% … Read more

Energy: Italy overcomes the crisis triggered by the war and presents itself with the papers in order in 2023

In the year that has just ended, Italy brilliantly overcame the energy shock caused by the war in Ukraine. The numbers speak for themselves: between October and mid-November, due to the heat, we saved 3 billion cubic meters of gas, 5 percent of all Italian demand. Although most scenarios on strategic gas reserves were pessimistic … Read more

Giorgia Meloni faces the crisis and strengthens herself in Italy after two months in government

In two months the government of Giorgia Meloni and the center-right coalition that supports it have been strengthened, while the opposition center-left in Italy has sunk. In the barely two months since it was installed, the government of Giorgia Meloni45, and the center-right coalition that supports her have consolidated their power while the former main … Read more

Alpine skiing, within the crisis of the men’s sector. Italy finds itself without certainties and clings to young people


A sudden flash and then just so dark, with the light at the end of the tunnel that seems to be really far away. This is how the first part of the season of the men’s alpine ski team can be summarized. A very disappointing start to the World Cup, a profound crisis of an … Read more

La crisis italiana tiene su origen en décadas de ofensiva neoliberal

En las elecciones italianas de este otoño, una vez más, los votantes han vuelto a castigar a los partidos en el poder. Sin embargo, detrás de la conmoción originada dentro del sistema de partidos hay un estrechamiento de las opciones políticas reales, ya que los intereses de la clase trabajadora luchan por encontrar una representación … Read more

Pandemic, war, crisis: Italy has performed a miracle but the South is still behind


The three-year period 2020-2022 will go down in world history for a double leap in the dark: first the pandemic, then the war. A double global crisis that has brought with it an impressive recession, a very harsh energy crisis, the acceleration of an inflationary process that has not been seen for some time. We … Read more

The crisis of the big ‘telecos’ forces the first departures of CEOs


The large European telecommunications companies are experiencing a period of strong shocks due to tough competition and pressure on results. A situation that has contributed to accelerating changes in the leadership of the operators. Vodafone has been the last, but, since the beginning of the year, Orange, Telecom Italia or Swisscom have carried out changes … Read more

Italy and Jordan discuss the migration crisis in the Mediterranean


Rome, Dec 5 (EFE).- The Italian Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, today received King Abdullah II of Jordan, during a meeting held at the Chigi Palace in which they addressed, among other issues, the migratory crisis in the Mediterranean, where the NGO boats have once again rescued hundreds of migrants. At lunch, which was joined by … Read more

Bad weather in southern Italy, Curcio brings together the crisis unit


The head of the Civil Defense Fabrizio Curcio has convened a meeting of the Department’s crisis unit to follow the evolution of the bad weather situation which is particularly affecting southern Italy. At the moment, writes the Department in a tweet, in Sicily there are reports of “criticalities especially for the road system due to … Read more

The costs of the crisis in Italy, Majorino’s candidacy in Lombardy and the other news of the day


The story of Saturday 3 December 2022 with the main news of radio news at 7.30pm. Consumers’ associations, merchants, even municipalities. Everyone is doing their own accounts to understand how much the crisis will cost, between energy price increases, consumption cuts and the Meloni government maneuver. In Ischia, the weather alert has been extended until … Read more