The Vice President of Italy clarified that Jair Bolsonaro never asked to be a citizen of that country

Jair Bolsonaro (REUTERS/Adriano Machado/File) The Vice President and Foreign Minister of Italy, Antonio Tajaniassured this Tuesday that Jair Bolsonaro “has never applied for Italian nationality”, after a deputy has presented an urgent consultation to the Government on the possibility that the former Brazilian president wants to travel to Italy with his family. Bolsonaro “has never … Read more

Is a marriage contracted abroad valid in Italy? That’s when you can get married in another country

A marriage contracted abroad is valid in Italyprovided that the legal conditions that determine are respected when you can get married in another country and obtain recognition of the deed. In any case, the patrimonial capacity of the spouses mainly depends on the law in force in the country of nationality of everyone. An Italian … Read more

While Italy cuts funding, a country raises basic income by 50 euros


Unlike what is happening in Italy, in Europe some countries believe in the support formula represented by the citizen’s income. Among these Germany, which in recent days has increased the basic income for practically all the categories that were entitled to it, but in addition, it would also have lowered the penalties relating to those … Read more

Italy, the country where the extreme right is not so extreme with Giorgia Meloni in power


Whatever the Italian government – political instability is always the order of the day on the peninsula – there are two problems that it must face today and that internal borders are not resolved. First, immigration. Second: energy. Italy, along with Spain and Greece, is the gateway for all those fleeing misery in their countries … Read more

Ceramics is little Italy: up to seven protagonists are linked to the transalpine country


That today’s soccer is a global movement that transcends borders and establishes daily ties and rivalry is no secret. However, by chance the recently remodeled Estadio de la Cerámica brought together up to six players and a coach with experience in Italian football. In total, seven protagonistsmany of them having left behind in Serie A, … Read more

Mattarella longs for a country with a vision of the future

The expected message from the President of Italy, Sergio Mattarella, to close the year (photo: ANSA) 18:09, 30 Dec•ROME •By Fabrizio Finzi (ANSA) – ROME, DEC 30 – The war in Ukraine and issues related to work and youth will be present in the end-of-year speech of Italian President Sergio Mattarella scheduled for this … Read more

Italy is the third safest country in Europe. But there is a boom in child crimes after the pandemic: robberies +75%, attempted murders +65%


i increase crimes committed by minors compared to the pre-pandemic period, while in general, in the comparison between 2022 and 2019, the crimes committed are decreasing. The balance sheet of the central management of the criminal police referring to the year that is drawing to a close, it confirms the alert on the crimes involving … Read more

Make Italy Green: E.On’s strategy to guide the energy transition in our country


In Sweden, 614 kilometers from Stockholm, lies the village of Simris. This small community (the last census carried out had 211 inhabitants) has been disconnected from the national electricity grid since 2017 and is largely self-sufficient in terms of energy. By harnessing the wind and the sun, the residents of Simris are able to generate … Read more

Food: Italy is the most “wasteful” country in Europe | Adriaeco


Based on data from the European Commission, the Italian branch of the World Organization for International Relations ( highlights that in terms of food waste, Italy ranks first in Europe with 272 million tons of food thrown away in the last 20 years There are 272 million tons of food thrown away in the last … Read more

Woman from Southern Italy, graduated with honors. And disappointed in this country


“I graduated with honors in Education Sciences, I have been working for twenty years…and sacrifices, to date that I am 43 years old, I have made many and my parents made many before me who also moved to the north in the eighties, in search of fortune. No one has ever given or given us”. … Read more