In Italy petrol should cost less than in the rest of Europe

The price of gas in Italy without excise it is among the lowest in Europe. After weeks of fuel price controversy, the data is once again belying the narratives. The Meloni government had feared hypotheses of speculation on prices to distributors, introducing new features in the transparency decree. The petrol stations trade associations responded with … Read more

The Realme Buds T100 arrive in Italy: how much they cost

The colorful in-ear headphones have finally arrived in Italy too Realme Buds T100, with a certainly pleasant design thanks to the bright colors. The Buds T100 are basic, cheap, but quality headphones: excellent for calls and for listening to music in quiet places, they make the low price and of youthful style their strengths. One … Read more

How much does it cost to recharge an electric bike or scooter?


There sustainable mobility on two wheels people like it more and more and more and more you look at electric vehicles as an alternative to petrol engines. Sales of ebike have far exceeded those of traditional bikes with 295,000 ebikes sold in Italy in 2021. A positive trend that follows the European one, where 5.5 … Read more

In Italy, the per capita cost of environmental damage is among the highest in the EU: € 41.45 per citizen

The perception of an increasingly unbreathable air and local governments that do little to reverse the phenomenon, the certainty of climate change that is increasingly an economic problem. Global warming and Italy, climate and Italians, coexistence is anything but simple. Meanwhile, because extreme phenomena such as floods, floods, droughts, tornadoes and the like weigh on … Read more

Scope: Italy must not forget the Maastricht rules. Indexed BTPs alone cost 10 billion more


Is Italy’s debt sustainable with this continuing rate hike by the ECB? If the analysts of Scope Ratings in a note on Monday 17 October while the ten-year BTP sees the yield slightly down to 4.686%. Experts predict that Italy’s debt / GDP ratio (BBB + / Stable) will drop this year to 146% of … Read more

Fact Book 2022: annual report. In Italy, low cost air transport dominates


(Teleborsa) – At the end of 2022 i two thirds of the domestic air transport market will have been operated by low cost airlines. An incontrovertible fact of a phenomenon that has seen a segment of carriers already growing in terms of passenger volumes emerge from the crisis produced by the pandemic. He pointed this … Read more

Blog | How much does it cost to live in a house in Italy? Nearly a third of rented income

In 2021, 18.2 million families (70.8% of the total) own the house in which they live, while 5.2 million (20.5%) live in rent and 2.2 million (8.7%) ) have their home in usufruct or free of charge. These are some of the numbers that emerged during the Istat hearing on 6 September at the Ministry … Read more

Stop visa facilitation for Russians, here’s how much it can cost Italy: tourists spent 1 billion euros a year in the country


It will not be a total block on visas, as was already understood after the opposition already expressed in recent days by various European countries, including the Germanybut Brussels however, it has decided to make access to the passes for the citizens Russians who want to travel to one of the 27 states ofEU. A … Read more

Cost of energy and gas, the industrialists of Veneto: “Close to collapse, Italy at risk”


Enrico Carraro, number one of the Venetian industrialists and a production plant Self it is a question of GDP and industrial production, when Lombardy, Veneto, Emilia Romagna and Piedmont – the Northern Axis, to summarize in a formula – are put together, it can well be said that Italy is the engine. Therefore, if the … Read more