Capital gains from foreign subjects, the taxation criteria change in the case of properties located in Italy

The 2023 Budget Law modifies the evaluation criteria of capital gains deriving from properties located in the national territory, realized by subjects with tax residence abroad The capital gains made by foreign entities they will be taxed in Italy if the income produced is connected – to an extent greater than 50 per cent – … Read more

Weather Italy: imminent arrival of disturbances, everything will soon change

WEATHER UNTIL JANUARY 8, 2023, ANALYSIS AND FORECAST After the springtime warmth of New Year’s Eve, we begin to see first clear signs of a change in weather. The subtropical high still remains in the saddle but is beginning to give way along the western perimeter due to further oppressive Atlantic infiltration. A first disturbance … Read more

Interview with Biondi (Forza Italia): “May 2023 be the year in which change takes place. The centre


In the newfound compactness of the center-right of Forlì, cemented by the reshuffle that saw the entry into the council of the mayor Gian Luca Zattini of Fratelli d’Italia and ‘Centre-right for Forlì’, the discontent of Lauro Biondi, leader of Forza Italy. The most critical position, as is known, was precisely on the reshuffle, which … Read more

Pérez left football before playing in Italy, his “click” was the change of position and he chose Defender for values


“A safe step”. This is how he defines Rodrigo Perez (26) his transfer of boston river a Defender Sporting . He was a firm and thoughtful choice, antithetical to his beginnings in football, a stage that he himself defines as “chaotic”. Baby Playa Honda, Seventh and Sixth in Boston, Fifth and Sub 16 in miramar … Read more

Change of strategy in Mediaset: Spain and Italy are going to centralize the purchase of content


The new stage of Mediaset España, with Alessandro Salem at the head, continues to specify new steps. As Confidencial Digital has learned, the decision of the acting CEO of Mediaset Spain, to continue leading the content management and with the Film division in Italy, is part of a joint strategy, in which decisions between the … Read more

Record heat in Italy (and swimming in the sea), freezing in the US: “Two faces of climate change”


Of Alessio Ribaudo 2022 is the record year for the National Research Council. In the US it freezes, here you swim in the sea. They are for two sides of the same coin: the climate that changes by distorting the weather Two sides of the same coin: climate change. On the one hand, the eastern … Read more

Undersecretary of Regional Development advances name change to Plaza Italia: “We propose that there is a participatory space that defines what it will be called”


The week began with a significant announcement for the residents of the capital: the President Gabriel Boric announced the launch of a recovery and transformation project of the Alameda-Providencia axis. The project considers remove the Plaza Italia roundabout, plant trees and install lighting. But there is also something symbolic in this and that could be … Read more

Climate change Italy: seven photographers tell Italy about the climate that is changing at the Maxxi in Rome – Friulisera


Until January 8, the Corner space of the MAXXI National Museum of XXI Century Arts in Rome hosts the exhibition “Climate Change Italy. Seven photographers talk about Italy’s changing climate” by Green&Blue and Contrasto with partner Enel. On display are the works of seven Contrasto photographers who have documented the current state of the climate … Read more

Climate change is affecting the production of Christmas trees in Italy


Tuscany is the region of the country where most of these pines come from Producers warn that the harsh drought of this 2022 puts future Christmas at stake This year they have managed to arrive on time, but climate change throws uncertainties on the reaction that crops will have in the coming decades In November, … Read more

Do we have to change the TV again? What is going to happen in Italy


The technological revolution continues to transform television. For some time now the wave of “switch off” has taken over the small screens in the homes of millions of Italians, who since DVB-T standards are gradually transitioning to DVB-T2i.e. the second generation digital terrestrial based on the codec HEVC-Main10 (we talked about it here). The date … Read more