Italy: Algerian gas at the center of a strategic transaction

Following the outbreak of the Ukrainian conflict in February 2022, Russia reduced its gas flows to Europe. Since then, Algeria has become Italy’s leading gas supplier. And the network of pipelines between the two countries now represents a strategic infrastructure for the energy security of Rome. President Tebboune also declared in December 2022 that Algeria … Read more

Dazn “Refunds and launch of the Network Operation Center in Italy”

| 10 January 2023 21:25 | 2 minutes to read ROME (ITALPRESS) – Automatic reimbursement for those who have suffered disruptions during the Inter-Naples match and the creation of a Network Operation Center (NOC) in Italy. This is what Dazn announced after the meeting at the Ministry for … Read more

Italy: A Moroccan migrant dies of asphyxiation in the fire of a detention center


A 38-year-old Moroccan citizen died in the Restinco detention center in Brindisi, southern Italy, after inhaling smoke. The fire had been started a few minutes earlier by another migrant, to protest against the living conditions in the structure. A Moroccan migrant died of asphyxiation following a fire at the Restinco reception and repatriation center (CPR), … Read more

Minister Tajani: “The Mediterranean and Africa at the center of Italian foreign policy”


The Mediterranean and Africa will be the areas on which Italy’s foreign policy action will focus in the coming months, with the aim of arriving as soon as possible at “concrete results” on the Libyan dossier and on the migration issue. This was explained by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Antonio Tajani, … Read more

Pulcinella: the pizzeria in the center of Pamplona that has managed to capture the flavor of Italy

pulcinella it is the world-renowned symbol of the Neapolitan carnival. But in Pamplona it is the purest taste of Italy. Indeed, the pulcinella pizzeria, located at Calle San Miguel 22, next to the Church of San Nicolás, has spent 11 years striving to bring the true flavor of Italian pizza to the people of Pamplona. … Read more

Meloni in Tirana puts Italy back at the center of the migrant issue

“The countries of the western Balkans can count on Italy”. This was stated by the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, as soon as she landed in Tirana for the EU-Western Balkans summit. Even if the reference was to their «prospects of joining the European Union», the meaning of the message was well understood: do ut des. … Read more

Italy, Elly Schlein is the name of the new promise of the main center


Elly Schlein during a demonstration in 2014. Photo: wikimedia. ROME. a 37-year-old woman is considered, by a part of Italian progressive voters, the great promise of the Italian left. His name is Elly Schlein, and on December 4 he announced his candidacy for the Democratic Party (PD) primaries., the main progressive center-left force in the … Read more

To relaunch Southern Italy, a center of excellence in the automotive sector is needed


The Gigafactory of Termoli, the most important in Europe, provides a technological hub to make production, training, research and innovation coexist. The opinion of Stefano Cianciotta (president of Abruzzo Sviluppo SpA), Idiano D’Adamo (la Sapienza professor) and Antonello Barone (creator of Festival del Sara – Dialogues on the future) The strategic table for the automotive … Read more