Boom of visitors from all over Italy and from abroad to the XXI° edition of the International Exhibition of Crib Art

Boom of visitors from all over Italy and from abroad to the 21st edition of the International Exhibition of Crib Art: the record attendance threshold of 2019 has already been exceeded. The extension to Sunday 8 January has been decided. Several excellent visits, including the actress, Valentina Lodovini. Many visitors, especially tourists, since the official … Read more

Pregliasco on the boom in Covid cases in China: “No alarm in Italy, but prepare for the worst

Fabrizio Pregliasco to on the boom of Covid cases in China: “To date there is no contingent risk in Italy but in the light of past experiences we try to imagine the worst scenario”. Interview with Dr Fabrizio Pregliasco virologist and Health Director of the IRCCS Galeazzi Orthopedic Institute and Associate Professor of General … Read more

Police, in Italy there is a boom in crimes committed by minors in 2022. Sexual violence is also on the rise


The 2022 data relating to crimes committed by minors and sexual violence emerged from the report of the Central Directorate of the Criminal Police Posted on: 30-12-2022 13:09 PUBLICIST JOURNALIST Freelance journalist since 2014. For over 10 years he has been involved in communication and information on the web, writing on various topics: from sports … Read more

Italy is the third safest country in Europe. But there is a boom in child crimes after the pandemic: robberies +75%, attempted murders +65%


i increase crimes committed by minors compared to the pre-pandemic period, while in general, in the comparison between 2022 and 2019, the crimes committed are decreasing. The balance sheet of the central management of the criminal police referring to the year that is drawing to a close, it confirms the alert on the crimes involving … Read more

Luxury homes, the boom in Milan (and Portofino): the rush of foreigners and homes costing 20,000 euros per square meter


Italy remains one of the most attractive countries for foreign investors, above all for the quality of life. But there are also precise economic reasons for buying a house from us, and this is especially true for Americans: flat tax for those who come to live in Italy, house prices historically lower than those in … Read more

Enit. Foreign boom at Christmas. Especially the Americans treat themselves to Italy under the Christmas tree


Italy under the tree: foreign travelers are planning a trip to the Peninsula for the holidays until Epiphany. A study by Enit on Fordwardkeys data reveals a vigorous ferment starting from 19 December 2022 and up to 8 January 2023. International air bookings to Italy between the pre-Christmas week and the Epiphany weekend are currently … Read more

In Italy there is a digital boom, 100 million connected screens


ROME – Study, work, sport, entertainment, relationships, purchases, relationships with banks and the public administration: there is no sector of social life that it has not fully entered into digital, transforming the lives of Italians. Running towards modernity. The numbers tell the story: 120 million screens (that’s 5 per family!), of which 48 million smartphones … Read more

Political polls, collapse of the Democratic Party and Forza Italia: for Fratelli d’Italia and Meloni there is a boom in confidence

The Democratic party continues to lose ground in favor of the 5 Star Movement, while the consensus for Giorgia Meloni and Brothers of Italy. This situation is recorded by the latest political polls: in particular a survey by Demos and the supermedia Youtrend of the weekly polls. According to the first, the party of the … Read more

Pec, digital signature and Spid: digital transformation according to Infocert. “The real boom is yet to come”

Article taken from the October 2022 issue of Forbes Italia. Subscribe! The digital transformation has introduced new terms into our vocabulary that have quickly become commonplace: from cloud services, to Spid, passing through electronic invoicing. In fact, the Covid pandemic has given a powerful impetus to the process of digitization, both businesses and citizens. According … Read more