Meloni’s betrayal: the ‘fascist’ Lazio fan who went to Roma

The leader of Fratelli d’Italia, the most voted in the last elections, was a ‘laziale’ follower in her youth, a preference that she changed to become a ‘tifosa’ of her arch-rival, AS Roma “She is a fan of Lazio who pretends to be a Romanist to gain image”, criticize followers of the white-blue team, associated … Read more

Enrico Letta: “The betrayal of Draghi is a betrayal of Italy and Europe”

Former Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta (Pisa, 1966), Secretary General of the Democratic Party (PD), has been the greatest defender in Italy of the continuity of Mario Draghi as Prime Minister. he talks to The vanguard a few days after three important members of the coalition of national unity of the former president of the … Read more