Beauty online, in Italy the business is now worth 800 million

Beauty online, an 800 million business The online beauty business in Europe is worth over 11.37 billion and in Italy almost 800 million and sees men increasingly as protagonists. In fact, razor blades and men’s hair dye are the most requested products on the marketplaces for 2022. This is what emerges from the new survey … Read more

Beauty and heritage #3: five churches to visit in Italy during the holidays

Five evocative places in an itinerary that touches Brindisi, Bari and Lecce. From the countryside of Fasano to the imposing Basilica of San Nicola, a journey to discover unique architecture and ancient history through five symbolic churches of Puglia. Basilica of San Nicola, Bari In the center of the old city of Bari a few … Read more

Beauty and heritage #1: five churches to visit in Italy during the holidays


Five suggestive places to visit at Christmas, five churches that leave you breathless for their architecture or for the landscapes, natural or city, in which they are immersed. But above all for their uniqueness, defined by the meeting of the elements that characterize them: a story that has been handed down for centuries, priceless works … Read more

MPI Italia, a new year under the banner of “Beauty, sustainability and inclusion”


On Friday 16 December 2022, the event was held in Milan, at the Starhotels Echo. “BEAUTY SUSTAINABILITY INCLUSION: three links in the same chain”, organized by MPI Italia Chapterto give continuity to the path undertaken in this sense for some years.An event designed to bring together different souls of sustainability, starting with the Great Beauty, … Read more

Patrons, the legacy of beauty: Raffaele Mattioli’s lesson and the exhibition at the Gallerie d’Italia in Milan


from JOHN BAZOLI Support art and share it with the community. Raffaele Mattioli’s lesson, today’s commitment. Collections, funding: acting for cultural heritage The exhibition hosted by Intesa Sanpaolo’s Gallerie d’Italia in Milan From the Medici to the Rothschilds presents over 120 works from different eras from prestigious international museums such as the National Gallery in … Read more

Miss Italia is a symbol of beauty and Italian spirit, come back soon to Rai | CultureIdentity


The patron of the competition speaks: far from being out of fashion, we are the largest tour operator in the country Miss Italia is not just a beauty contest, it is a beacon for the younger generations, a popular event which, from the post-war period to today, has told the story of this country’s customs, … Read more

Italy: Bergamo, the beauty of Lombardy: Weekend ideas Italy Milan


Bergamo © Freesurf – Birthplace of the composer Gaetano Donizetti, cradle of the commedia dell’arte, under Venetian domination for three centuries (1428 to 1778), Bergamo has many faces. High on one side, on its slope Citta Alta, condensed heritage and historical beauty; bass on the other, Citta Bassamore bitterly urban and industrial, we measure … Read more

“Discover the Italy you did not know”, the beauty of the active and slow country in the campaign of the Ministry of Tourism

On the occasion of the Ttg Travel Experience of Rimini, scheduled from 12 to 14 October, the Italian Regions, togetherthey presented the developments of the tourism promotion strategy “Discover the Italy you didn’t know”part of the National Promotion Plan 2020 of the Ministry of Tourism. The project, launched before the summer and born from a … Read more