Work, Credem Banca hires these lucky ones throughout Italy: a diploma is enough

Credem Banca opens up new job opportunities throughout Italy. These are the sought-after figures: only a few requirements are enough. Here’s what figures they are and how to apply. Credito Emiliano SpA, or better known as Credem Bank is a private credit institution, based in Reggio Emilia. Founded in 1910, it has changed its name … Read more

Banca Popolare Sant’Angelo alongside Komen Italia for prevention Italpress news agency

PALERMO (ITALPRESS) – Banca Popolare Sant’Angelo, for Christmas 2022, has decided to “shed light on prevention” by proposing itself for the initiative of the Komen Italia Association. In fact, for this Christmas, the Banca Popolare Sant’Angelo has decided to donate the funds necessary for the purchase of the Christmas decorations and the now traditional lights … Read more

Banca Akros: from Intesa to Unicredit, Mps, Leonardo, Telecom Italia, Enel and Eni, the hot dossiers on Meloni’s table


In the aftermath of the historic political elections that led to the clear victory of a right-wing government, the analysts of Banca Akros take stock of the situation on the hot dossiers in Piazza Affari that the new executive will have to take over shortly. The party that obtained the highest number of preferences, Fratelli … Read more