Axis forces, Germany, Italy, Japan: episode 2/4 of the Winter 43 podcast, victory changes sides

In Munich, in the capital of Nazism, in Italy, in Japan or in the satellite countries, the defeats of winter 43 involve heavy changes in the behavior of the countries of the Axis. Men are dying at the front, shortages are increasing and the bombings are terrorizing the populations. Historian Marie-Anne Matard Bonucci explains how … Read more

The collapse of the Axis in Qatar: Italy is not there at all, Germany eliminated

The World Cup of shooting stars Messi and Ronaldo. Keylor Navas is the most beaten goalkeeper. The romantic-Neapolitan appearance of Ciro Mertens Germany’s defender #02 Antonio Ruediger reacts after his team failed to qualify during the Qatar 2022 World Cup Group E football match between Costa Rica and Germany at the Al-Bayt Stadium in Al … Read more

Italy seeks the axis with Malta, Cyprus and Greece on migrants. Madrid takes off. Ambassador Elbling: “NGOs deserve gratitude and support”

Italy towards new immigration measures Despite the controversy and the tear of France, the Meloni government is willing to go straight. And the “new measures” on immigration announced at the press conference by the premier are beginning to take shape, even if for the moment there are no drafts or documents ready on the desk … Read more

Ukraine, axis between Italy and France: «There is no peace without rights. It is essential to defend yourself “


Rights, justice, dialogue. The road to peace revolves around these principles. A peace that resounded strongly yesterday afternoon during the first of the three days of the event organized by Community of Sant’Egidio, which brought together an informal parliament of religions, with more than 200 representatives from all over the world. And it is precisely … Read more