The treasures of Taranto, the “Paris of the ancient world”, are presented at the Fine Arts

The treasures of Taranto, the “Paris of the ancient world”, are presented at the Fine Arts (Télam) A sample that collect 60 pieces of an Italian art collection that tells the story of the only Greek colony in the Italian region of Apuliafrom the year 701 BC, and from the ancient civilizations that inhabited it, … Read more

Italy: Ólafur Elíasson inaugurates the Palazzo Al Bosco, a new place dedicated to contemporary art | Knowledge of the Arts

Swiss collectors have opened a contemporary art exhibition space in the splendid Palazzo Al Bosco estate, in the heart of the Tuscan vineyards. The inaugural display brings together some twenty works by Ólafur Elíasson, to be discovered before or after the major exhibition which the artist is enjoying at Palazzo Strozzi, in Florence. The place … Read more

Of great impact: archaeological treasures of Italy can be seen in the Fine Arts


“Treasures of the National Archaeological Museum of Taranto” opens on December 7 and addresses the presence of the Greeks and other ancient civilizations in the south of that country. One of the most impressive shows of this year will take place from December 7 at the National Museum of Fine Arts. Is about youtreasures of … Read more

Prix ​​Italia, the winner of the Tv performing arts section on Raiplay


BARI – Music crosses the four elements: water, air, earth, fire, sublimating itself in the harmony of space: it is the imaginary symphony of the documentary “Quinte & Sense” by ARTE France, which won the 74th edition of the Prix Italia in the Tv Performing Arts category. The Paris Orchestra is the protagonist in a … Read more

“Restos”: sequel to Proyecto Bomba is presented this spring in Barrio Italia | arts and culture


After the successful premiere of the performance ‘Bomba’, the group of performers led by the emerging actress and writer Arantza A. Sánchez promises an immersive journey around the silence that leaves an explosion. The sequel to this project, which began on March 8, will be part of the artistic productions of Espacio Vitrina, in Barrio … Read more

Italy: environmental activists stick to Laocoon to warn about the climate | Knowledge of the Arts


Yesterday, Thursday August 18, activists from Ultima Generazione clung their hands to the base of the Laocoön at the Vatican’s Pio-Clementino Museum. This is the third action of this type in Italy. ” I never wanted to expose myself to this extent, interrupt the calm of a museum and stick to the base of a … Read more

Antiquities trafficking: The Getty Museum must return one of its treasures to Italy | Knowledge of the Arts


The Getty Museum is due to return Orpheus and the Sirens, an ancient terracotta sculptural group, to Rome. Investigators have proven their fraudulent provenance. The coins were illegally excavated and exported from southern Italy. Four other works are concerned. Their perilous transfer to Rome will take place in September. From the Getty Museum in Rome … Read more

Italy: after the Botticelli Spring, environmental activists target a symbol of progress | Knowledge of the Arts


Last Saturday, activists from Ultima Generazione clung to the plinth of Futurist Boccioni’s Man in Motion at the Museo del Novecento in Milan. This is the second such action in Italy. ” If the climate collapses, there will be no more museums, no more art “, had alerted the collective Ultima Generazione (Last generation in … Read more

In Italy, a diver discovers the wreck of a boat that disappeared during a storm 2000 years ago | Knowledge of the Arts


On July 15, Italian diver and archeology enthusiast Fabio Matacchiera discovered a 2,000-year-old shipwreck, its cargo, as well as a damaged anchor in the meanders of an underwater archaeological site off the coast of Puglia, in Italy. In a video posted on his YouTube channel on July 22, Fabio Matacchiera, former swimming champion and diver … Read more

The NFTs of Italian masterpieces: it’s over! Italy bans museums from creating new digital copies | Knowledge of the Arts


The Italian state is reversing its decision to let its cultural institutions create NFT versions of their masterpieces. This reversal is aimed in particular at the Uffizi museum and its contract with the Cinello company. In the first half of 2021, Italy authorized public cultural institutions to partner with private companies to create NFTs (non … Read more