Taiwan, an ally and an opportunity for Italy. The farewell of the amb. Lee

I have great faith, as well as great hope, in Italy’s greater attention towards Taiwan, hoping with this an improvement in relations between our two countries. Greetings from Andrea Sing-Ying Lee, Taiwan representative in Italy Living, studying and working in Italy on three occasions has been the best part of my life, but, as the … Read more

Italy “faithful ally” of the USA. The conversation between Crosetto and Austin

The transatlantic link is robust and the partnership with Italy is of fundamental importance for the United States. This is what emerged from the conversation between the Minister of Defense, Guido Crosetto, and the Secretary of Defense of the United States, Lloyd J. Austin, among the first to contact the new tenant of Palazzo Baracchini. … Read more

“Italy vital ally”: Biden congratulates Meloni

Also Joe Biden compliments Giorgia Meloni for the birth of his government. “I congratulate Giorgia Meloni on becoming the new Italian Prime Minister“, reads a note released today on the White House website. Biden wishes good work to the first female premier in republican history, recalling that”Italy is a vital NATO ally and close partner“of … Read more

Aliyev, who is the Azerbaijani dictator (ally of Italy) made stronger by the war in Ukraine


In Europe there is a country that perhaps most of all is benefiting enormously from the war in Ukraine. It is Ilham Aliyev’s Azerbaijan, which since the outbreak of the conflict is on the one hand increasing its gas sales to Europe, and on the other, taking advantage of Vladimir Putin’s disengagement of Russia in … Read more

Four reasons why Meloni, Vox’s ally, can ‘extravincere’ in Italy


All the electoral polls in Italy place in first place, and with a growing tendency, Fratelli d’Italia. The party he presides over Giorgia Meloni, 45 years oldmaintains an alliance in Europe with Vox and shares many of its principles. Although the left has raised the specter of fascism to mobilize the electorate, there are four … Read more