Italia Viva launches the federation with Action and opens up to +Europe, Renzi: “Regionals? If Pd seeks a beautiful death…”

Milan it has always been the cradle of innovation for politics. The Psi di was born in the shadow of the Cathedral Turati, then the fascists in San Sepolcro. The was born in Milan craxism. And then Italy of Values, outside the Palace of Justice. And Come on Italy. And the League. The first MeetUp … Read more

Italia Viva National Assembly, Calogero: “Action is necessary for people with disabilities”

Reads in: 2 minutes Intervention The Head of the Third Sector spoke at the meeting: “We met Governor Occhiuto on these issues” Posted on: 04/12/2022 – 13:12 MILAN “Today in Milan the national assembly of Italia Viva with the presence of the Calabrian delegation”. This was communicated by a note from Renzi’s party which adds: … Read more

Weather report. Vortex in action on part of Italy with wind, rain and even strong storms. Situation and forecasts

reading time2 minutes, 46 seconds Italy weather report UPDATE 7.30. A depression vortex is in action over Italy, fed by cold air descending from northeastern Europe. Around it revolve even very unstable impulses responsible for local conditions bad weather in the South and on the major islands with stormy and intense phenomena. Another frontal system … Read more

Mobility and tourism: joint action on the Italian


Intended to enhance a territory straddling two countries, the European project called “Isonzo-Soča Cross-Border Park” which connects the Italian city of Gorizia and its Slovenian neighbors of Nova Gorica and Šempeter-Vrtojba notably takes the form ofa new network of cycle and pedestrian paths. Peter Szabo, translator, borrows it several times a day. It emphasizes the … Read more

Letizia Moratti will run for the presidency of Lombardy with Action


A few days after having resigned as vice president and councilor for health of the Lombardy Region, led by the League, Letizia Moratti announced that she will run as president in the regional elections of 2023, supported by the alliance of the parties of Carlo Calenda and Matteo Renzi, Action and Italia Viva (also called … Read more

Direct weather report: cyclonic vortex in action on part of Italy, thunderstorms, storms and gusts of wind. Situation and forecasts


reading time3 minutes, 38 seconds Weather report Italy UPDATE AT 8. The vortex generated by the entry of cold of Greenlandic origin was brought near the central Tyrrhenian regions and around its center is articulated an intense disturbance that is affecting our central-southern regions, supported by tense currents with cyclonic rotation. In particular, the regions … Read more

Pope encourages Italian Catholic Action in parishes


On Saturday, October 29, Francis received the parish leaders of Italian Catholic Action in the Paul VI Hall of the Vatican, inviting them to cultivate the community dimension and to continue to deepen the theme of fraternity. Pope Francis received the members of the Italian Catholic Action (ACI) on Saturday, October 29 in the morning, … Read more