Tag Manager Italia: development, consultancy and training at the heart of the offer. Revenue doubled in 2022

Francesco Tomasi, Matteo Zambon and Roberto Guiotto

Ambitious growth targets for Tag Manager Italythe specialized consultancy and training company in tracking and measuring websites, ecommerce and digital marketing campaigns.

The entrepreneurial project of Tag Manager Italia was initially born as a popular blog on the initiative of In Highlighta marketing and communication agency specializing in digital advertising, to share the great passion that Matthew Zambon has always demonstrated towards the world of data and in particular of Google Tag Manager (Google’s tool for tracking data from the web based on tags, i.e. on code fragments), of which he was one of the first official beta testers in Italy (he is also the author of the book “Google Tag Manager for beginners”).


In 2015 Roberto Guiotto and Francesco Tomasi, the two founding partners of In Risalto, together with Zambon create a separate company, Tag Manager Italia. «In the space of a few months we decided to focus everything on the data business and therefore to concentrate investments on Tag Manager Italia», explains Roberto Guiotto to Engage. «A choice that today may seem simple to make, considering the importance that data analysis has in the current economic scenario, but which back then was certainly risky and courageous. However, the evolution of the market has proved us right, fortunately».

The proprietary Tag Chef API

One of the flagships of the company’s offer is Tag Chef, a proprietary software solution developed by Matteo Zambon also thanks to the contribution of the Tag Manager Italia developer community. «Tag Chef is an API that allows us to expand the potential of Google Tag Manager to manage multiple websites from a single interface, and to exploit machine learning for predictive purposes, to understand in advance how users will behave» .

Tag Manager Italia “is now recognized by industry experts and insiders as the reference Italian competence center for Google Tag Manager”, continues Guiotto. «Furthermore, it is one of the international centers of excellence for the study and implementation of digital analytics, at a strategic level with skills in data strategy, measurement models and data models, at an operational level through the use of platforms such as Google Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4». In fact, the company does not only deal with Tag Management but with all-round digital analytics. «In this way we offer companies a very rich amount of insight into user behavior, information that can then be activated for marketing purposes for sales conversion campaigns».

The three business units and turnover of Tag Manager Italia

The staff of one of the three business units of Tag Manager Italia, “Research and development”. «The other two are “Consulting” and “Training”. The first supports brands and companies in implementing digital analytics strategies and in solving critical issues related to data quality and tracking. “Training” offers web professionals and companies learning opportunities in the strategic and practical use of digital analytics». An activity, the training one, among other things more and more important, “because in Italy one of the professional figures that is missing the most is precisely that of digital analytics”.

Tag Manager Italia is about to close in 2022 «with a turnover of over 1 million euros, double the result of 2021a number of customers increased by 60% and with a team of about twenty employees and collaborators also continuously growing. We therefore continue to invest in the product and in people, with the forecast for 2023 to increase the workforce by 20%».

Starting from these numbers, the company is working on fine-tuning the new industrial plan «which will last five years, but will express an aspirational vision of what Tag Manager Italia intends to become in 20 years».

Tag Manager Italia: development, consultancy and training at the heart of the offer. Revenue doubled in 2022