Swedish electric Polestar 2 in Italy as a real alternative

Polestar, the Swedish manufacturer of high-performance electric cars (born from an offshoot of Volvo which, in turn, is controlled by the Chinese group Geely) lands in Italy with two models, both powered exclusively by batteries, with prices starting at 52,200 EUR.

It does so with the fastback Polestar 2 and with the so-called ‘high performance’ SUV Polestar 3, both of which are available for purchase through the website www.polestar.com/it where the first 100 Italian customers will be able to book test drives to be held in Milan from 16 to 18 December 2022.
This initiative accompanies the opening program of the first two Polestar Spaces in Milan and Rome where – underlines the Swedish company – consumers will have the opportunity to breathe in the brand and products at 360 degrees, in a design environment where the car is the main focus.
“We are excited to launch Polestar in Italy – said Alexander Lutz, head of Polestar Italy during the presentation event in Milan – a market that perfectly combines our key values ​​such as design, sustainability, technology and performance. Italy is known for its incredible premium brands, haute couture and performance cars, and we are proud to be able to offer Italian drivers a new choice of exquisite design and innovative electric performance.” “Personal experience is at the heart of the brand – continued Lutz – and Polestar vehicles embody the perfect balance between heart and head, with a bias towards the heart. Our cars offer competitive driving experiences as well as a simple and intuitive”.
Lutz explained that the opening of test drive reservations in Milan these days is a “unique opportunity that will offer consumers the chance to be the first in Italy to experience the amazing performance of Polestar 2 through some of the most beautiful and iconic streets of the city of Milan”.
And he anticipated that the first two Spaces Polestar in Milan and Rome will be “real art galleries where it will be possible to see and discover the brand and the cars, as well as book a test drive”. He also said that the brand will soon expand to other Italian cities. In this Italian debut, Polestar will collaborate with Enel X Way, an Enel company dedicated to electric mobility, offering integrated solutions to those who choose a Polestar Bev model. Customers will be able to purchase the Enel X Way JuiceBox, the home charging station with a power of up to 22 kW, at advantageous conditions and obtain a free ‘flat’ subscription for 70 kWh of recharges which will give access to Enel X Way’s public columns and other operators with which the company has interoperability agreements. The Polestar program presentation event in our market also gave the opportunity for a short test with Polestar 2, the brand’s current flagship model. Combining several key elements such as the purely Swedish ‘minimal’ style, a build quality that is perceived from the first moments and a functionality of the passenger compartment that refers to the great tradition of Scandinavian design, Polestar 2 is certainly a different proposition in one area – that of medium-high range electric cars – which is fairly approved. Observing it in traffic and being observed among other cars – especially when made in Germany reigns – one gets the feeling that Polestar, without revolutionizing, has really brought some fresh air into the Eco world.
Just as Volvo did in the 1970s with its super-safe 240 series station wagons, a true manifestation of a special attention to new values ​​(such as functionality and personal protection) which ended up identifying customers all over the world of the 240 SW with a social and cultural category of new motorists. Polestar 2 goes exactly in this direction, the first car in the world to directly integrate Google on board. Really pleasant and practical to have an Android Automotive OS infotainment system that offers a digital environment where Apps and car functions integrate. For the first time in a car you can use Google Assistant, Google Maps with support for electric vehicles and the Google Play Store, all through an 11-inch vertical touch screen. takes the interface to the next level.
It is available in a range that offers 3 versions: standard range single motor of 170 kW 228 Hp with 69 kWh battery and WLTP* range up to 470 km; long range single motor still with 228 HP but with a 78 kWh battery which brings the range to 540 km and, finally, long range dual motor with two electric motors for 402 HP and the same 78 kWh battery. An optional performance pack is also envisaged which brings power to 470 HP with a Wltp range of up to 480 km. First deliveries in Italy expected in the second half of December.


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