Surreal “ghost goal” in an Italian regional championship

01/11/2023 at 17:23


In a regional championship in Italy that pitted Calcio Castellana against Noicattaro, the referee considered a goal that clearly did not go in

“We are absolutely outraged” said Francesco Langiulli, general director of Noicattaro

In a match between Calcium Castilian and the Noicattaro during a regional championship in Italy, a controversial “ghost goal” happened that quickly went viral on social media. The match referee, Andrea Romano, validated a Castellana goal that clearly did not go in and was only seen by him. The outrage during and after the match was massive.

It was 17 minutes into the first half of the game and a Castellana player got the ball to finish off at will. To everyone’s surprise, the player, when he had everything to just push the ball, finished off wide. The player’s own reaction was not to believe it. However, Andrea Romano ruled that the ball, which had touched the net outside the goal, had entered. Later, with some doubt about what was happening, the Castellana players celebrated the “goal” they had been awarded. How could it be otherwise, the Noicattaro players and staff did not stop complaining to the referee, who was inflexible in his decision.

The protests lasted a total of eight minutes. and then the game resumed. The general manager of Noicattaro, Francesco LangiulliHe showed his outrage. “The images speak for themselves and have also gone viral. We are absolutely outragedOf course, due to the behavior of the managers and, above all, the Castellana coach… How do you celebrate a goal that doesn’t exist?”

On the other hand, the president of the ASD Calcio Castellana, Giuseppe PellegrinoHe also talked about what happened. “As has been clearly verified, it was a mere visual error by the referee, who mistakenly saw the ball enter the goal, attributing the goal to us, and consequently made us win the game.” Despite the victory, Calcio Castellana has asked to repeat the match.

Surreal “ghost goal” in an Italian regional championship