Steelworks of Italy (formerly Ilva) in the storm: unions proclaim strike

(Tiper Stock Exchange) – The former Ilva affair, today Acciaierie d’Italia becomes very topical again with a new protestafter the multinational ArcelorMittal yesterday he ordered to the 145 contractor companies to leave the construction sitesin general bewilderment, without providing any indication of the future of the establishment and related industries.

“The government is in the field, we are waiting for immediate answers from the company”the Minister of Enterprise and Made in Italy said yesterday, Adolfo Ursocalling for today at 12, at the Ministry, a table with all the actors in the story: workers’ unions, contractors, the company, representatives of the regions involved (Puglia, Liguria, Piedmont, Lombardy), Confindustria Taranto, former Ilva in As commissioners, Invitalia and the Ministry of Labour.

“We are all part of the same ship and we are all rowing in the same direction: save the Italian steel industry“, Minister Urso reiterated today at the end of the meeting, adding “we have reconstituted the system with all the actorsaware that it is necessary to outline the industrial policy, of which the steel industry is a strategic asset. Together as an Italian system we could do better assert our national interest in comparison with the company which is the expression of one of the largest global players in the iron and steel sector”.

Never unions Fim, Fiom, Uilm they remain on the warpath and have proclaimed for Monday 21 November 4 hours of strike at all the group’s plants, noting that today’s meeting in Rome “did not allow us to make concrete steps forward” due to the company’s absence at the table.

“It is necessary to strike for stop the agony of the group in Italy and to return to negotiations on the relaunch of work, job protection, health and safety conditions, environmental remediation and production innovation”, they explain in a joint note Michael DePalmageneral secretary Fiom-Cgil e Gianni Venturinational manager of the steel industry for Fiom-Cgil, adding “there is simply the risk of accompanying the decline and shutdown of all the plants and all the establishments, which are in very bad conditions for the lack of investment and maintenance interventions ordinary and extraordinary, so much so that by the end of 2022 about 3 million tons of steel will be produced”.

The workers’ associations askamong other things, that it State nationalizes the company or assumes control and managementusing the resources already allocated (1 billion euros) to rebalance the corporate structures without waiting for the 2024 deadline, and take charge of its relaunchalso through the establishment of a permanent table with the interested parties, which the company withdraws the measure to cut orders and of the orders of related companies and that it is confirmed, by the Ministry of Labour, income support for Ilva workers in AS.

Steelworks of Italy (formerly Ilva) in the storm: unions proclaim strike