SNJ awards Youth Scholarships in Nueva Italia and enables a computer lab for young people

Asunción, IP Agency.- The young people of Nueva Italia received the Youth Scholarships – First time, awarded by the National Youth Secretariat, to low-income students, in order to continue with their studies.

The act of signing the commitment and delivering checks to 14 university and tertiary students, took place at the municipal headquarters, and was headed by the SNJ minister, Edgar Colmán, accompanied by the mayor Alcides Gamarra.

On the occasion, the computer lab with computers, provided by the SNJ, was also enabled in the commune, which will help the youth of this community in the Central department.

Likewise, the SNJ will train the municipal youth secretary to serve as a link with the institution that governs public policies aimed at people between the ages of 15 and 30.

incentive and motivation

The head of the SNJ extended his congratulations and gratitude to the young people, firstly, because the Youth Scholarships are an incentive and motivation for them to complete their studies, and with their training they can become true professionals for the good of themselves, their family, their community and country.

“Thank them for continuing to trust, for applying for the Youth Scholarship, and because they are trusting in their training, betting on the future, and that what they will carry out with their university studies will never be taken away from them. I ask you to get involved, to be protagonists and to be instruments of service for the country”, he emphasized.

“I also want to congratulate you, because it is not easy, because to have a scholarship you need to have a high average, regularity and constant study, that is why you are receiving this award for your sacrifice. It is worth a lot because it is a way to encourage them, motivate them and when they have a university degree they can say mission accomplished”, he stressed.

Minister Colmán said that, based on the knowledge acquired at the university, they will have the ability to go out and look for better jobs to have more opportunities.

He mentioned at another time, that both in Nueva Italia and in the 263 municipalities of the country, they are looking to install a computer laboratory, so that young people can access scholarships from the national government and international cooperation.

“It is a small island where we will have five computers, and a youth secretary; the technological room will have training and internet access so that the application for any scholarship can be used from the municipality and access everything that is offered ”, she pointed out.

For his part, the mayor of Alcides Gamarra appreciated that it is the first time that a Youth Minister has arrived in the city, bringing benefits to the local youth.

“It was worth the wait, because we wanted to hear the minister’s words, a voice of encouragement for the young people and show their parents and the community how they accessed the scholarships. We as communal authorities will take steps so that more benefits reach young people. I know that wherever you are, you will be in defense of Paraguayan youth and will bring benefits to our city”, he highlighted.

SNJ awards Youth Scholarships in Nueva Italia and enables a computer lab for young people – .::IP Agency::.