“The citrus campaign is progressing satisfactorily, with good-sized fruit and constant consumption. In addition, temperatures have dropped and, as is well known, consumers prefer to eat oranges when the cold arrives. Temperature fluctuations favor the pigmentation of the fruit, which is one of the most distinctive characteristics of our Tarocco di Francofonte variety”, says Giuseppe Guagliardi, commercial manager of the Sicilian brand Nonno Pippo’s feewhich would be “Grandfather Pippo’s oranges” in Spanish.

“At a commercial level, we noticed a certain difficulty in the sale of large products, due to the crisis in the wholesale markets, which are registering a slowdown in sales. retail there is a shortage of medium-small size products, as they are in great demand on the Italian and foreign markets”, continues Giuseppe Guagliardi.

“Le arance del nonno Pippo” is the brand name of the production of a small citrus grove located between the towns of Francofonte and Lentini, province of Syracuse, in the heart of an area where fine red-fleshed citrus is grown. The Tarocco Comune di Francofonte orange, which is harvested between January and April, is characterized by a rich, juicy pulp and a particular flavor. She is also known for her fine and smooth skin.


We specialize in selling on-line of citrus. Tired of a poorly paid traditional market, we decided to value in this way the fruits that we have been cultivating for several generations. The objective is to shorten the supply chain and offer a natural product at a fair price, aware of the importance of a healthy diet: we grow oranges naturally, without any treatment or chemical product. No need to force production. We only use organic fertilizers (manure), also because we are the first consumers of our oranges. The method is also natural: we collect the citrus only on request, directly from the plant, and we pack the fruit in boxes ready for delivery, which takes place within 48/72 hours. Particular attention is paid to the sustainability of the packaging: we use wooden boxes (recycled and recyclable) which, among other things, protect the integrity of the fruit.”


“The consumer who buys on-line seek a product from the farmer, therefore, characterized by its authenticity, its freshness and the certainty about the origin of the raw material. But he is also attentive to the value of the product. In fact, the purchases on-line they are sustainable (we use wooden boxes and plastic is prohibited) and cheap compared to the prices of fruit in supermarkets. Our client is a consumer who puts the healthiness and flavor of food first and goes to the agricultural markets, looking to get in touch with the producers and learn about their work methods in the field and the seasonality of the productions.”


“In Sicily, citrus production is in a transition phase. On the one hand, there are the large productions, marketed under nationally important brands that increasingly expand the cultivated area year after year. On the other hand, there are the small producers of citrus that –already in its third or fourth generation– are committed to direct sales and on-line to be able to stay in the markets profitably. The market for processed blood oranges is also growing. Among future projects, we have in mind to focus on rural tourism to involve our customers with guided tours of the company, as well as using our products as ingredients in a line of processed products, especially candied fruit and dehydrated natural citrus fruits,” he concludes. Giuseppe Guagliardi.

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Small-sized citrus boost sales in Italy