Sample “Drawings to Jenaro” will arrive in Italy

The third edition of the exhibition “Dibujos a Jenaro”, in homage to Jenaro Pindú, was presented on December 12 at a press meeting at Diego Schäfer’s Private Space of Art. This time the exhibition will cross the borders to reach different parts of Italy next year.

This third edition will take place in May 2023 in three different locations in Italy. It will begin on May 8 at the headquarters of the Paraguayan embassy in Romeand then go to the National Museum of Capodimonte, in Naplesand in the city of Florence in a space to be confirmed. However, the organization hopes that more places can adhere to receive this sample.

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It will be made up of renowned national and international architects and artists where the main reason is to pay tribute to one of the great architects and artists of Paraguayan culture: Jenaro Pindu.

In this edition will participate Gabriel Brizuela, Diego Schäfer, César Aquino, Luis Elgue, Pedro Florentín, Celso Figueredo, Sebastián Ferreira, Christian Ceuppens, Félix Toranzos, Roberto Frangela and Italian architects.

A tribute from inspiration

“It is an exhibition in homage to Pindú. Each was handpicked for his path and will present his vision. The idea is to pay tribute to each one’s talent,” he said. Diego Schaferdirector of the Private Space of Art and president of the Pindú Foundation, about the exhibition curated by Alban Martínez Gueyraud.

The Paraguayan ambassador in Italy, Roberto Melgarejo, also spoke about the importance of an exhibition like this reaching another country. “What we want is to value our people, that they know the positive values ​​of the country, that is why we will do it in May in homage to the country. On this occasion we want to value the life and work of Pindú, both his architectural work and his vision, and show that Paraguay had a great architect and that it has a series of architects of his time and younger ones who have an exportable professionalism ”, he pointed.

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Rediscover the work of Jenaro

Pedro FlorentinFor his part, he recalled coinciding with Jenaro on several occasions and being in agreement with the time they come from, the time of drawing. “I was particularly working with Félix (Toranzos), facing Jenaro’s work but from a three-dimensional point of view. Although in architecture he worked three-dimensional, in art he was two-dimensional. We found some plans of a work that he did and we built a small model and that will be our contribution to this exhibition”.

Luis Elgue For his part, he indicated that at this moment there is a “rediscovery” of Pindu, although in his time it was not taken into account by the academy. “There is a rediscovery of the power and potential of his work, even with this idea of ​​preserving his works, of preventing them from being demolished. There is a desire to value and expose what until now is seen as very underhanded, because Pindú is someone who has too many edges, ”he remarked.

Celso Figueredo, in turn, highlighted the plastic experience of Pindú. “For me it was a laboratory that experienced the formal”, he pointed out, to also underline his connection with nature. “It is very good for students to explore his work. We usually go to draw the Nautilus and other buildings”, he recounted about the experience of studying his work.

In this way, several visions inspired by Pindú come together for a third edition of this exhibition that was launched in 2019 at the Private Space of Art and continued in 2020 at Plaza Moiety.

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