Salvini and Berlusconi against Meloni: Forza Italia is boiling, is the government already shaking?

Giorgia Meloni by now he has understood it well: since last September 25 he must be more careful of the allies Matthew Salvini And Silvio Berlusconi than by the opposition. In fact, the birth of the new government would not have settled the differences within the centre-right, on the contrary, if possible, the discontent would have become more tangible.

It is consequently no coincidence that there are many voices regarding a new structure of the parties that make up the majority: if Meloni is thinking of a centre-right single party naturally with her leaders, Salvini and Berlusconi could dust off the project of one federation between Lega and Forza Italia.

Basically after European elections of 2024Giorgia Meloni could launch a kind of takeover bid especially against Forza Italia, which is why Silvio Berlusconi would be ready to play in advance perhaps by making a pact with Matteo Salvini.

After all, the Azzurri have been boiling for some time, with the party split between the hawks led by Licia Ronzulli and the doves led by Antonio Tajani; meanwhile in Sicily at the Ars there has been a real rift within Come on Italywith the creation of two distinct groups chaired by Antonio Pellegrino and Gianfranco Miccichè.

These tensions which inevitably also have repercussions on the work of the government now grappling with the 2023 budget law, with Meloni having to deal with the requests of the allies and the little cash in hand to keep the many promises made during the electoral campaign.

Meloni and his allies

The latest political polls speak for themselves: after the exploits in the elections of last September 25, Fratelli d’Italia is reported to be growing continuously along with the popularity of Giorgia Meloniall to the detriment of the League and above all of Forza Italia.

This scenario could lead to more than one problem for the maintenance of the center-right government, given that the leadership of Matthew Salvini it is no longer granite like it used to be while Silvio Berlusconi he still hasn’t digested the attitude of the prime minister during the choice of ministers.

The rift within Come on Italy it is increasingly evident, with a part of the parliamentarians who would be looking with ever more insistence towards the shores of the Brothers of Italy, especially if Giorgia Meloni were to really take the path of the centre-right single party.

Thus Berlusconi may prefer to bind himself to Salvini rather than see his political creature substantially engulfed by Meloni, but all this could not happen without leading to tensions within the government.

In recent weeks Matteo Salvini has been incessant on social media in asking for “more” from the Prime Minister in the Budget Law, while the part of Fi most loyal to Silvio Berlusconi has spared no distinctions on various issues, from migrants to the Superbonus.

The centre-right but now he will have to face united the regional elections 2023: if two victories were to arrive in Lazio and Lombardy, the climate could calm down, otherwise until the European Championships in 2024 the risk would be that of a continuous clash between the three leaders.

Salvini and Berlusconi against Meloni: Forza Italia is boiling, is the government already shaking?