Riccò of the Gulf of Spezia, Italy

I invite you to the province of origin of my family, but I was reborn as a Southern Californian.

Riccò del Golfo di Spezia is an Italian sport fishing town.

“From time to time life kisses us on the mouth, and in colors it unfolds like an Atlas…”

Part of the Route to Tuscany for its exotic beauty and vines, is Spezia, located in Italy among olive trees and vineyards, and the ecological reserve of the five lands for its eco-environmental balance.

Spezia is a region that engenders culture, which has hosted and hosts artists surrounded by vineyards and sea.

“And we feel, in good hands…”

The province of La Spezia, on the cliffs lead to La casta di Riccò, it is a small medieval town 100 kilometers away.

We are in the province of Liguria, in the limits of the Cinque Terre Park. A small hamlet, dating back to the year 1400, and a short distance from the sea and La Spezia. The Cinque Terre are easily accessible by car and train. The most recommendable and ecological option is to navigate the sea, since it is very accessible 24 hours a day from one land to another. For trekking lovers, walking on route 01 is considered chaste. From La Spezia you can also easily reach by sea the most beautiful places of the Levante Ligurian Riviera (Lerici, Tellaro, San Terenzo, Fiascherino, Portovenere and the island of Palmaria).

La Spezia del Amor (famous for filmmakers and its Via del Amore and train) and ecological reserve because it flanks the Ligurian Sea where Genoa and Nice France are very close, and Corsica and Serdegna are Islands of enormous beauty just opposite.

Interesting site with the imposing Adriatic Sea at its back leads directly by road to Florence from Paseo through the beautiful Luca just 45 minutes away.

Riccò del Golfo di Spezia is located in a subtle and beautiful bay with a fishing port and naval shelter that speaks of its history of greatness, buying the “cinque terre card”, or train pass is the option.

An elegant town that rises from the Mediterranean with those almost impossible vineyards that seem to come out of the rocks and that celebrates the feast of San José on May 19 with literature, fireworks and the Lemon Fair…antiques and flower markets.

Privileged ancestral town that invites you to a tour of the five lands in the “cinque terre card” for a walk along the path of love “via dell’ Ámore.

The 13th century church of San Andrés cannot be missed among the five towns that surround the Gulf, they are fascinating seafarers and farmers like Monterroso with its 1600 church attached to the Capuchin convent.

Literary place dedicated to the poet Eugenio Móntale. Its Genoese towers attest to its axial military grandeur as do its Gothic religious sites, which also house art. Its colorful houses also take us through streets of light and shade, due to its medieval narrowness full of culture and history.

The Sanctuary of the White Virgin is located in Portovenere from the 12th century in the Romanesque style and its Castle of Dona is a majestic Military Fortress.

But its 14th century bell tower, very close to the Forte de Marmi, is a masterpiece of the architecture of the time.

The Ligurian Riviera leads from the Golfo di Ricco to the Gulf of Poets with steps, pine forests and cliffs that house the Island of Tino and Tinetto, these five lands are UNESCO World Heritage Sites for their extraordinary relationship between nature and man in balance harmonious.

Because they are treasures to discover, of art and cliffs that draw the coast…

Evocative, seductive site, rich in history and ancient traditions, where the inhabitants themselves still love to take care of their land that bears fruit in their local cuisine that tastes of Rosso de la Region wine. An unmissable high mountain fort that leads, if you like, in just one hour, to Nice or Rome!

Riccò of the Gulf of Spezia, Italy