Rap albums in Italy in 2023: which ones will we listen to this year?

2023 will be yet another important year for rap in Italy, with releases and concerts that could improve or, we hope not, worsen the reputation that the average Italian has of our musical genre: let’s already get an idea of ​​how it will be , trying to figure out which albums are coming out this year.

Which rap albums, mixtapes or EPs will be released in Italy in 2023?

As often happens, already the very first of January we have some upcoming official releases available:

  • Geolier: 2023 starts with a bang because in a few hours we will have the awaited official album of the Neapolitan rapper. The Courage of Children in fact, it will see the light on January 6, of which we know tracklist and the fact that a huge hype has been created around it;
  • Rose Villain: his is also an awaited record, for the simple fact that it is his first official album, that of the potential definitive confirmation after refrains that have become catchphrases and multi-certified singles. Thanks to Gotham radio Will 2023 be the year of Rose’s definitive consecration? Let’s wait for January 20 to play it and discover it from listening to listening;
  • Monster: a week after the disc of Rose, will also see the light The Illest Vol.3the third chapter of the series that the Roman rapper inaugurated in 2015. Many bars are expected;
  • drimer: thank you too to your brother Drimerino we will soon have many new bars available. In fact, it will publish in February I write again 2the sequel to the 2017 mixtape, anticipated by the singles Character and Highlights.

There are therefore already four certainties, but it is only the beginning of a 2023 that will offer us above all the return of many highly appreciated rappers within the scene…

One of the most talked about records of 2023 will certainly be that of Teduaawaited for more than two years, four if we start from the last official album, Mowgli. The video of the recent thank you single to the colleagues with whom he grew up and some clues on social media make it clear that we are now here: Mario is ready to return.

So is one of his friends honored in Lo-Fi For U: We are talking about izi that with a couple of stories posted on Instagram in December, he foreshadowed a record of his own in the coming months.

Vegas Jones is out in these hours with the new single together Nitro and Nayt and, with Jones Freestyle released towards the end of 2022, he had made it clear that he was working on a new solid project; as well as also Warez – whose album should be released in January – e Jamil which, after having done arguing with the album Rap Is Backhas shared on social media an alleged tracklist with which he hinted that something big is boiling in the pot.

2023 should also be the year of Quentin40 who, after a very long wait, finally seems ready to release a new album that has all the aspects of being the litmus test for an artist on whom, a few years ago, many were ready to bet. And now? We’ll see, we’re ready.

Who will surely make numerous releases is the collective MRG extension which, after getting Phase 4 off to a flying start with Luchino Visconti by Toni Zeno, will delight us throughout these twelve months with many new Jewels & co bars. And speaking of Zeno, the album by him together with another faithful producer of his, namely Aleaka. Keep an eye on their respective social networks.

Together with MRGA we saw recently Cow: collaboration coming? Who knows, for sure in 2023 he will reserve many news for his fans, as he himself declared on IG.

Also Lord Madness promised an album for this new year: it will be called Heath Ledger and promises “irony sarcasm and provocation

Then of course there is Guè who, on Monday 2 January, made the announcement that fans have been waiting for several weeks now: his new official album is titled Mother of pearl and, to reveal it, he has published an amusing video clip in the company of the legend Jerry Calà, inside which it is possible to discover tracklists and guests, among which it seems there is also Benny The Butcher.

Now let’s move on to those who, in all probability, should come out with a new project but the official announcement is still missing:

Let’s start with 2 parts, more or less announced:

  1. Craft Iron pt 2 of Jake La Furia, as he himself confirmed to us;
  2. A new record of Inoki produced by Dj shockwho have (re)found themselves in a big way 4 Hands (which they told us about HERE);
  3. The Last Disc pt 2 Of Dantethe sequel to part 1 released in September, full of guests and emotions.

If these four keep their word and, above all, keep (or maybe raise) the level of the 2022 records, we will have three other potential year-end top 10 projects on our hands.

In their discs there will certainly be bars, as well as in those of Ensi and Neroboth with a more than eligible record in the coming months.

After two projects with much less rap than in the past, this year the old should come back a bit Axosgiven that on social media he more or less hinted that he too was working on a sort of part 2: that of the acclaimed Mithridates. Well, we really hope so.

After some very interesting singles with a very hip-hop imprint, the lovegang will almost certainly come out in the next few months with a disc. Jack the Smoker instead it only published one last year and, therefore, there are hopes that something is moving. Maybe the same goes for Egreen which, after the excellent Nicolashas churned out a series of very strong songs one after the other that remind (as if there were any need) how strong Fantini is with the microphone in his hand.

Nitroin addition to the single with Veggie, has made it clear that he has some new verses ready and, therefore, many are expecting a new project of his this year, perhaps by Machete Prod, perhaps even by 333 Mob.

We should then have the album producer of Charlie Charles, one of the most influential producers from 2015 to today and who in the last period has taken his time, going off the radar a bit. Some clues on social media released here and there suggest that a return of him is not so far away. It’s likely that he won’t be the only album producer that will be talked about this year: maybe it’s also the turn of Fritz Da Cat?

In February then, like every year, the watershed will arrive San Remo which will almost certainly result in new records from competing competitors. So, fans of Lazza (perhaps a record played entirely with the piano?), Madame, Article 31 etc. etc. be ready!

In the meantime, we will continue to hope for some comebacks…

The first of all is undoubtedly Johnny Marseille. He had deluded us with some tweets some time ago but in the end in 2022 we had nothing but some texts written for the film Autumn Beat available on Prime Videos. We really hope that now the time is ripe for a record by him, because there are very few lyricists like him in Italy and records like Memory many of our staff still have it in rotation.

Let’s then slightly raise the bar of hopes and also dream of something new Colle Der Fomento. Maybe not a post Adversus but maybe something solo, after all both have been releasing verses for other people’s projects lately and in particular the almost unexpected one of Masito for the ever prolific DJ Faith more than pleasantly surprised us.

Finally, we’d also like to see two collaborative projects, one on paper more likely, the other a little less, but not so much. The first would see protagonists Gemitaiz and MadMan, as often done in the past, to maybe recover a little from the last two personal records that didn’t leave as much of a mark as the previous ones. The second is to two top players like Psalm and Noyz Narcosbut maybe it’s better that we wake up from this dream and stop thinking about those photos that portrayed them in the studio together a few months ago.

In addition to the names mentioned above, there is a possibility that new projects by will see the light this year Maximum Danger, Emis Killa, Nayt, En?gma, L’Elfo, Esa, Kento, Priestess, Giaime, Il Turco, Brain, Moder, Paska, Silla Dddictator, Poppa Gee, Thirteen Pietro & Lil Busso, Anna, Leon Faun, Giovane Feddini, Maury Bthe boys of the Seven 7oo and many more.

Then there are young people like Kid Yugi, The Ghost, Heartman, Rhove, 8blevrai and Diss Gacha to always keep an eye on.

Which album are you most looking forward to listening to? Write it in the comments of the posts on our social networks and stay connected on Rapologia.it to follow with us this 2023 full of rap albums in Italy and beyond.

Graphics of Mr Peppe Occhipinti.

Rap albums in Italy in 2023: which ones will we listen to this year?