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The World Baseball Classic will take place March 8-21. Six years after the last time, the Beat and Run World Championship is back on stage. The WBC is the main international tournament for: Twenty of the best teams on the planet will go head to head In the diamond to win the prestigious title. There are four groups of five teams each, with the top two ranked teams from each group advancing to the quarterfinals. There begins the knockout phase.

Italy has been drawn in Group A and will play against the hosts the Netherlands, Cuba and Panama in Taichung (Chinese Taipei).: Iron challenges are expected, but there is all the evidence for the Azzurri to try. Japan, South Korea, Australia, China and the Czech Republic will draw in Group B in Tokyo. Pool C will feature the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Canada and Great Britain in Phoenix. Miami will host Group D with Puerto Rico, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, Israel and Nicaragua. Tokyo and Miami will host the quarterfinals, and Miami will also host the semifinals and the final.

Below is the complete World Baseball Classic 2022 schedule, detailed schedule, all dates, times, TV schedule and broadcast. The indicated times are Italian.

World Baseball Classic 2023 Groups:

POOL A (in Taichung, Chinese Taipei): Chinese Taipei, ItalyNetherlands, Cuba, Panama, A

POOL B (Tokyo, Japan): Japan, South Korea, Australia, China, Czech Republic

POOL C (Phoenix, USA): United States, Mexico, Colombia, Canada, Great Britain

POOL D (Miami, USA): Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Israel

World Baseball Classic 2023: Match schedule for Italy

Thursday March 9:

12.00 Italy vs. Cuba

Friday March 10:

12.00 Italy vs Chinese Taipei

Saturday March 11:

05.00 Italy vs. Panama

Sunday March 12:

13.00 Italy vs Holland

World Baseball Classic 2023 Schedule: Table and Schedule

Wednesday March 8

05.00 Cuba vs. Holland

12.00 Panama vs. Chinese Taipei

Thursday March 9:

04.00 Australia vs South Korea

05.00 Panama vs. Holland

11.00 China vs. Japan

12.00 Italy vs. Cuba

Friday March 10:

04.00 Czech Republic vs China

05.30 Cuba vs. Panama

11.00 South Korea vs. Japan

12.00 Italy vs Chinese Taipei

Saturday March 11:

04.00 China vs. Australia

05.00 Italy vs. Panama

11.00 Czech Republic vs Japan

12.00 Netherlands vs Chinese Taipei

18.00 Nicaragua vs. Puerto Rico

20.30 Colombia vs. Mexico

Sunday March 12:

01.00 Dominican Republic vs. Venezuela

03.00 Great Britain vs. USA

04.00 Czech Republic vs South Korea

05.00 Chinese Taipei vs Cuba

11.00 Japan vs Australia

13.00 Italy vs Holland

18.00 Nicaragua vs. Israel

20.00 Great Britain vs Canada

Monday March 13:

01.00 Venezuela vs. Puerto Rico

03.00 Mexico vs. United States

04.00 Australia vs Czech Republic

11.00 South Korea vs. China

18.00 Dominican Republic vs. Nicaragua

20.00 Colombia vs Great Britain

Tuesday March 14:

01.00 Israel vs. Puerto Rico

03.00 Canada vs. USA

18.00 Nicaragua vs. Venezuela

20.00 Canada vs Colombia

Wednesday March 15:

01.00 Israel vs Dominican Republic

03.00 Great Britain vs. Mexico

11.00 Quarterfinals 1: First Group A vs Second Group B

18.00 Venezuela vs. Israel

20.00 Mexico vs. Canada

Thursday March 16:

01.00 Puerto Rico vs. Dominican Republic

03.00 United States vs. Colombia

11.00 Quarterfinals 2: First Group B vs Second Group A

Saturday March 18:

01.00 Quarterfinals 3: First Group D vs Second Group C

Sunday March 19:

01.00 Quarterfinals 4: First Group C vs Second Group D

Monday March 20:

01.00 Semifinal 1: Winner of Quarterfinals 1 vs Winner of Quarterfinals 3

Tuesday March 21:

01.00 Semifinal 2: Winner of Quarterfinals 2 vs. Winner of Quarterfinals 4

Wednesday March 22:

01.00 World Baseball Classic Final 2022

World Baseball Classic 2023: How to watch them on TV and streaming

Currently, there are no known details about the TV broadcast and broadcast.

Photo by Live Media/Claudio Benedetto

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